Kuu’s Courage Run

Kuu’s Courage Run
November 19, 2013 Alison Faulkner

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I really, really love the beautiful and inventive ways I see people using social media to give sincere love and service. I don’t personally know this family, but a friend of the family reached out to me asking if I’d help spread the word about this 4K and I’m happy to do it. I’m hoping to get my booty out there and run!

Here’s a little bit of info about who the run is benefitting. In September, Kuu received a shocking diagnosis of a rare and advanced stage of liver cancer, Cholangiocarcinoma. Kuu is mother of 5 beautiful, young children. To help support the family and raise money you can participate in this fun race!

To register for the race go here! Online registration closes tonight!

If you’re interested in contributing but you don’t live in beautiful Utah, you can go here!

Lots of love!



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