How to make vases from plastic water bottles

How to make vases from plastic water bottles
September 3, 2013 Alison Faulkner

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This month’s box of craft supplies from Martha Stewart (for my 12 months of Martha challenge) could not have come at a better time!

This past weekend I helped my dad plan (meaning I planned he payed!) a fabulous book-themed 60th birthday party for my beautiful mama. So leading up to the party I, of course, got a wee bit crafty. This month’s box of supplies included Martha’s new decoupage line, and it truly is fantastic. I used the multi-surface durable gloss decoupage as well as some of MS acrylic paint, to create these little bud vases.

My mom is an avid reader and published author, so I used some sacrificial pages to carry the theme onto the vases.

vases from water bottles

To make the vases I used People Water bottles. They have a gorgeous shape and donate water to people who need it when you buy their water. So, bonus!

I prepped the bottles by drinking the water, GULP, peeling off the sticker, and using a kitchen knife to cut off the top. You could use scissors too. I didn’t stress out about getting it PERFECTLY even, just do your best.

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To paint the bottles I mixed one part acrylic paint with 3 parts multi-surface durable gloss decoupage. I painted two coats, and let the coats dry each time. But if you wanted the finish more opaque you could paint more coats.

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I LOVE that carnations (the flowers shown here) are back in style, they are so Gatsby and glam. When I took a floral design class in college our professor said they were cheap and tacky, and out-of-fashion. However, I started kind of loving them a while back and then I saw them in an issue of Martha Stewart Living and knew that was basically like their invitaion to the cool kid’s lunch table. Carnations are VERY inexpensive and durable. I bought these suckers at Cost-co.

To arrange them I used “wet floral foam” or oasis foam. You can buy a block of it for $4. You soak the foam overnight, or for a while, then you slice it up with a knife so it fits in the vase. This makes it super easy to arrange the flowers.

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And there you have it! I decoupaged book pages and then used washi-tape for some more pizazz. But you could decoupage tissue paper, old photos, glitter, oh man, the sky is the limit! You could also paint table numbers on there for a wedding or something.

This is an insanely inexpensive table center piece that doesn’t look cheap. Or at least I don’t think it does. Ha!


Happy crafting!



  1. josie 4 years ago

    Was it norah?? most useful class i ever took.

  2. alexis 4 years ago

    Alison. You are pure genius in every way. Still dying at the party you threw for your mom. WOW! xox

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