Perky Picks – The Last of Summer

Perky Picks – The Last of Summer
August 13, 2013 Alison Faulkner


I’m not super sad about summer ending because fall is my favorite season. But we have had a couple of amazing summer nights up in the mountains, and it has made me want to really soak up the rest of what the season has to offer. These are some pretty things that have cheered me up in the past week or two that I think capture the seasonal transition.

That was a pretty intense way of saying HERE ARE SOME PERKY PICKS!

1. I’ve been excited about this book! And I want to buy it. In fact I’m gonna go do that. Shhh don’t tell Eric.
2. I LOVE these little sandals with the trouser socks?! I die. via Caramel Baby & Child
3. I want to scoop this child up and squeeze them. I also want to turn a sweatshirt into a romper. via Little Warrior Kids
4. This is a brilliant DIY. I really REALLY appreciate a good, solid, original tutorial and I think this is a great project. Kudos to Love & Cupcakes
5. Picture no. 2 put me on the search for adorable socks for Gigi. via Hansel From Basel
6. My friend Sarah Jane doesn’t blog anymore, but she has the best Instagram account and she just threw her little girl the CUTEST kitty cat party. And I don’t even like cats. via SarahJLarsen

I hope these fun things perk you up too!



  1. tracie 4 years ago

    love all of these! i’m also dying over sarah’s “kitten” party for hazel. all too cute!

  2. Kimmy 4 years ago

    I’m so glad you found the paper flower book! The creators are dear friends from ny and their talent goes beyond. I LOVE love love it and can’t wait to get it myself. Paper craft party??

  3. josie 4 years ago

    Ohhh a sweatshirt romper…would not hide the dimples i have and would probably create awkward wedgies. Good thing there isnt a sweater big enough…or is there? To savers!!!

  4. ruth ann 4 years ago

    I’m a brand new blog reader of yours and i LOVE everything you do. I’ve scrolled through pages and pages and been super inspired:)
    a few posts back you had your new wardrobe inspiration from a music video and i was on mod cloth today and thought of you! so here’s a link so a pretty, long, flowy dress that made me remember your post.


  5. Mandy 4 years ago

    um, I need that book too.

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