Mobile winners and Oceanear

Mobile winners and Oceanear
August 9, 2013 Alison Faulkner

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This is me and Gigi watching daddy play at the Rooftop Concert last weekend! It was a little past her bedtime…

I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all of you who “liked” me on Facebook, left nice comments, shared love on Instagram, and in your hearts, haha. Seriously. Thank you so much. I wish I could choose 100 winners, but I don’t have enough money or time! So I chose 3! I announced 2 of them on Instagram, as there’s a lot of crossover, and one of them on my Facebook page!

Also, because you guys are so sweet and make a girl feel so loved, I posted a $10 off code for my mobiles on Facebook as well! Go here to check it out!

And for those of you who also need a gift, here’s one from my hubby! His side project Oceanear recently recorded an amazing song with Mindy Gledhill. You can download it for free on Bandcamp! It’s so fantastic I can’t imagine anyone not liking it!


And here’s a lil preview video.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, I thew a baby shower last night and I’ll be sharing all the pix and recieps from that next week!

Lots of love!


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  1. Mandy 4 years ago

    I love the part where Eric is standing on the desk to write on the whiteboard. That must be where the magic happens.

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