Rules for hosting a successful craft night

Rules for hosting a successful craft night
July 25, 2013 Alison Faulkner


I’ve chosen 15 easy and gorgeous project for a summer craft night!

See all 15 here!

And if you’re interested in how and why I chose these keep reading to see my

6 Rules for Hosting a Successful Craft Night!

I’ve hosted enough craft nights to know that more chatting happens than actual crafting. Haha. And that’s GREAT! But, what if you actually want to MAKE something? There’s an art to picking the perfect craft that you and your friends can do at a craft night.

Here are my rules:

1. The craft must be able to be completed in under 2 hours, preferably less.

2. If possible provide everything for the craft. This means you should either choose a craft with really inexpensive supplies, like my tassels, or a craft that requires you to buy in bulk for supplies–such as terrariums, jewelry, or paper flowers. Then you can simply ask people to pay you back for supplies.

If you need to tell people to bring something, make sure it’s something they probably have at home, like some glass jars for terrariums, or something they don’t have to put too much thought into buying. Because what will happen is that people will have EVERY intention of gathering their supplies, but then they’ll get busy, and forget, or not have time, and then they’ll feel like they can’t come and party with you.

3. Don’t choose a craft that requires a lot of thought or concentration. I’m obsessed with these geometric hanging diamonds, but they are not a PERFECT craft night project because they would require a lot of focus. Those would best be made with reruns of Buffy the Vampire slayer or a mindless reality TV competition on in the background.

4. Don’t pick a craft that requires a sewing machine. Even if it’s just a TINY bit of sewing, it always seems to throw wrench in things. If you’re offering your machine for everyone to use, you’ll most likely be the only one who can thread it, or use it, and then you’ll have to spend a lot of time trouble shooting and not crafting. And if you ask people to bring their own machine, they always seem to end up sitting in their cases. Haha. I swear.

5. Try to use acrylic paint instead of spray paint. It’s just easier and you don’t have to go outside.

6. Try to keep your guest list to about 6 max. I know it’s more fun to include everyone, but it does get a little chaotic and expensive with much more than 6 people. Then again, if you would rather be social than craft, that’s cool too. Sometimes you just need a guise for hanging out without kids or hubbys.

And that’s about it! Like I said, these rules are just if you REALLY want to get a craft made. Not for wanting to boogie.

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Happy crafting! I hope this is more helpful than didactic. Haha, I can start to take crafts PRETTY seriously!



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