Mr. Rad’s Room Tour

mr. rads room tour

Well it’s here! Mr. Rad’s room tour! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Mr. Rad’s room is a tiny basement room with a low ceiling. I made the letters and I will be sharing a tutorial on those soon!

I tried to utilize space and make it feel more open by keeping the closet exposed, and by turning the little built-in-desk the room had into the changing table. Now that we’ve been living in the room for a while I’m VERY pleased with how much thought I put into things! Haha, because this was my second baby, I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to use the room.

For example, this bookcase consists of items that a baby (or his toddler sister) can play with and mess up. The moccasins, which are more decorative than utilitarian at this point, are on the top shelf so I’m not constantly rearranging them.

Mr. Rads Room Tour
mr. rads room tour
mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour

Our basement, which we took over from renters about a year ago, has open closets. I searched long and hard for a dresser that would fit in the closet, so I wouldn’t have to use the limited wall space elsewhere. Also, I had like NO money…haha, so I sold our old dresser and got this one for the same amount from Wal-Mart!
mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour
The FABULOUS gold tigers were a gift from the lovely Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed!

mr rads room tour

Here’s the closet, crib and built-in desk in context. On the right is where the desk is, I made this cushion and cover with some elephant fabric and faux fur I had on hand. The 3″ foam (what I used to make the cushion, it’s available at Jo-Ann) was a little expensive, but I only needed a bit.

Underneath the desk is this fabulous felt bin, it’s great-looking storage for diapers, wipes, and blankets.
mr rads room tour

The wall hook is from The Land of Nod, and I LOVE having it above the changing station. It’s the perfect place for a lil man’s giraffe towel, or a favorite sweater when you dress the babe.
mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour
The little sailor suit was Eric’s. His mom is SO amazing at saving things. And this Rifle Alphabet Print might be one of my favorite things in the room.

mr rads room tour

This was the MOST important part of the room to me…the place where I spend the wee hours of the morning nursing and rocking Mr. Rad. The log works super as a little table OR a footrest, and I like having a nightstand for my nursty (the giant hospital mug with a straw you get, you know, your trophy for having the baby) because nursing makes you SO thirsty, and also it’s a place for my phone.The bear pillow is the perfect size for resting my arm while I nurse. My only regret is that the accent wall (super easy and done with these Walls by Mur decals) is super stimulating and sometimes a bit distracting for Mr. Rad! Haha. But that’s not really too bad a thing.

mr rads room tour mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour
mr rads room tour
Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 3.45.32 PM
Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 3.45.50 PM

Rad loves the bear I made him. Haha.
mr rads room tour

A huge thank you to The Land of Nod for gifting me the following items:
(read more about the partnership here!)
Magnet Hook Strip, On the Grid Nightstand, Bear Throw Pillow, Yellow Stripe Crib Sheet, Tree Stump Seat, Canvas USA Map, Rifle Alphabet Poster, Felt Storage Bin Swiss Cross Box, (similar) Red Floor Lamp, Red Wood Bus, Yeti Throw Pillow

OTHER RESOURCES: . Walls by Mur Decals, Leather Triangle Mobile, DIY Mounted Masks, Ikea Faux Fur Rug, chair, crib (no longer available) and bookshelf from Ikea, Pendelton Blanket (on chair), Squirrel Bookends made by Meta from One More Mushroom

And a HUGE HUGE ginormous thank you to my girl, Heather Mildenstein, for taking the pictures of the nursery and Rad! I’ll share his newborn pictures soon. Heather is the best in the world.

Thanks for taking the tour!!! I hope you liked it and have a great week!



  1. naomi:

    I still laugh everytime you say Nursty. You did a great job of his room! I especially like the corner changing table area

  2. Love this room! How fun and adventurous! I can’t wait to redecorate and paint Char’s room! I’ve got to find a way to make it look good for her and baby boy on the way!

  3. i LOVE those huge straw mugs they give you! i still have both of mine from my two babies. love the idea of removing the closet doors and putting a dresser inside, so cute and space-saving. and using the random nook with a custom changing pad is genius! i love this room so much. any newborn would be happy to live in it!

    • oh thank you! and really the closet door were non-existent! haha so it was a happy way to save money and ended up working out!

  4. Kimmy:

    Love it Ali! I’m obsessed with the rocking corner. So so cute

  5. Love the finished produce Alison! I did my son Phienix’s room in a similar style…I call his “rustic native American” but it has the same feel as Rad’s room. Just wish I knew about your triangle mobiles before I bought ours. I’m dying for one!

  6. Haha! I just had a baby and didn’t know the “nursty” was such an icon of birthing… I just gave mine away because it tastes too plasticky and now I’m thinking I should try to reclaim my trophy! What an great room- so un-fussy, so charming.

  7. Did you make Rad’s onesie? It’s darling. And so is his room! You put me to shame, girl. My poor boys have absolutely nothing on their walls, a dresser in dire need of a new paint job and an ugly pastel-not-sure-what-color-it-is on their walls from the previous owners.
    P.S. I just discovered Land of Nod recently and their stuff is awesome!

  8. kate:

    super cute allison! congrats! and I love that bear you made!!

  9. It’s wonderful!! I really like the open closet. THanks for the nursery inspiration!!

  10. andrea f williams:

    TOOOOOOOO GOOD. Please come decorate my home.

  11. I want to make some letters like the “call me Mr. Rad” ones! Can’t wait to see how you did it! :)

  12. Marilyn Faulkner:

    I love it. I love Rad. And I must say that for a small room it feels big, because of the open closet. Great idea!

  13. Jenny:

    LITTLE BABY BOYS ARE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I love his name too! You are amazing. Let’s get together this summer. Love you

  14. Alison!!!!!! This is the cutest room ever!! You can’t go wrong with LoN, but your touches were inspired! It looks rad. :)

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  16. This room is AMAZING! I have a new baby boy too so I am always looking for inspiration. Great ideas and I love all the Land of Nod details.

  17. Nicole L:

    This is an old post, but I just found your blog! LOVE this room! very cute. and that bear you made is super adorable!

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