Music for My King – music by my MAN

Music for My King – music by my MAN
March 11, 2013 Alison Faulkner

music for my king by pleasant pictures

EXCITING UPDATE! This album was picked up by Deseret Book and is now called: Voices of Heaven. You can find it here! 

Remember a while back, when I was all, “Oh my husband and I both decided to work from home and be poor and peruse our dreams…” and things like that? Well we’ve been doing that.

One thing my husband, Eric, his music name is Pleasant Pictures, has wanted to do for a very long time is create an album of non-denominational Christian hymns redone all hip and awesome. He started working on this literally the day he stopped working his corporate job, and became consumed by composing, mixing and recording the new melodies for hours and hours at a time. He lost 10lbs (SEXY TIME!) and made some fabulous singers sound even more fabulous.

The album, Music for My King, is compose of 10 songs. Like I said, they are hymns, so if you’re not down with G-O-D (Sister Act 2?) it might not be your thing, but if you are, I’m fairly confident they will knock your socks off.

Eric sings on about 5 of the songs, and worked with some really talented local people and friends to sing on the other 5 tracks.

You can buy or listen to the album here!

I mentioned this before, but I wouldn’t have married my man if I wasn’t one million times sold on how talented and amazing he is, both as a person and as a musician. I always dated musicians, and just knew that I would marry one. It was never a criteria for dating or anything, but music has always spoken to me so much. I myself am not musical, but the men I’ve loved, and the man I married, were all the type of musicians that made other musicians stop and say, “If only I could do that.”

And that’s my man. I’m so incredibly in awe of his talent, and so proud to be the wife of the man who made this album. He’s also the best dad.

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 10.38.22 PM
Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 10.38.33 PM

I’m not saying he’s better than YOUR husband, I’m just saying I’ve got a VERY good one and I’m not going to take that for granted.

Thanks for indulging Alison’s brag-fest 2013.

Eric reads all of my blog comments and Instagram comments and is always so humbled and thrilled when you guys leave kind words. So please know your love and encouragement mean so much to our family and we sincerely appreciate it. I started blogging to share love with people I love, and I’m so happy to have you be a part of that!

Here’s to an amazing week! We are headed to San Diego to visit my parents and a few of my siblings before this baby comes and makes that almost impossible! We are thinking about taking Gigi to Disneyland, but at 32 weeks pregnant I just don’t know if I can do it! Eric and my sister are trying to get me to get a wheelchair…but it just seems wrong. Then again missing Gigi’s face when she sees a giant Pooh Bear or Tigger?! That also seems wrong. Any pregnant Disneyland stories or advice?!

Love you all!



  1. Emily 5 years ago

    Eric just gets better every year. I love his album so much I don’t just listen to it on Sunday’s.

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      now that’s REAL LOVE! and we really love you

  2. Mandi 5 years ago

    I did the wheel chair thing… sometimes they even let you cut the rides?! haha felt a little guilty about that. But who realllllly wants to wait over an hour to ride a 2 minute ride?

  3. Sarah 5 years ago

    I have “come thou font” on continuous loop. I cant really articulate how much I love it, its one of those songs that has very special meaning to me. Thank you so much!

  4. Mandy 5 years ago

    I bought the album! So great! I love it! All my favorite hymns are on there. I must confess I wasn’t too familiar with his musical stylings, and have to say that I am so impressed.
    I love seeing all our friends from the “married dorms” progress in their respective creative paths, it is so amazing! I didn’t know I was living so close to such greatness, I just knew it was fun! High-five to Eric!

  5. Amy Crosby 5 years ago

    Love it so I just bought it!!
    Oh, and I am still good with cleaning your studio if there’s a kiddo still in the mix!!
    Best to you both-

  6. Melissa 5 years ago

    My mom did the wheelchair thang at Disneyland once when she had a torn muscle in her calf. It was awesome! For the rest of us. Probably not so fun for her. But you do get to cut in line. I say Do It!! And report back.

  7. Carly 5 years ago

    I went to Disneyland pregnant with my 2nd at 34 1/2 weeks pregnant… with 20 highschool cheerleaders. It was amazing. And all I could think about was wishing I had my 2 year old daughter with me! You won’t regret going! And… I didn’t realize how awful I was feeling while I was there, until I got home and took it easy for a few days… and then said, “Ohhh… this is probably why people don’t go to Disneyland that pregnant, huh?” That being said, I’d do it again in a heart-beat! You won’t regret going!

    And, so excited to listen to this album. I need some ‘hip’ hymns in my life!

  8. Sarah 5 years ago

    This is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Being an artist, music moves me so much…this album moves me.

  9. Marilyn Faulkner 5 years ago

    I told Eric this privately, but I want to tell everyone else too: I loved all of the hymns on this album, but I was especially surprised and thrilled to hear “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” This is a beautiful old Christian hymn that not many LDS people know, but I just love it. But Eric is such a beautiful young Christian that I should have known he would love it too! I had to call and tell him I was glad he married my daughter after I cried my way through it. What a guy. We love the album and it is our Sunday soundtrack now!

  10. emily 5 years ago

    My husband complains about “traditional hymns” all the time. I think this album would satisfy both our interests in sacred music. 🙂

  11. Jen 5 years ago

    Did disney world when I was 34 weeks pregnant and it was totally worth it! You won’t regret it. if you feel worn out, just take a break. This time of year lines shouldn’t be too bad as long as its not spring break somewhere. My husband wanted me to get a wheelchair too but there was NO way I was going to do that 🙂

  12. Disney 5 years ago

    Oh he did a gorgeous job! And he used several of my fave songs, so that makes me love him. :o) And thank you for referencing sister act 2. Standard.

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it! He’s a good man that Eric. And I’m glad I didn’t seem like crass with my Sister Act references! hHA

  13. Lauren Wall 2 years ago

    Hi, so I heard a song played off of this album awhile ago and have been looking for it ever since, I love it! but when I click on the link it’s not taking me anywhere… do you know anything I can do to buy it?

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