Bunnies and Carrots Easter Garland



I’m trying to focus on getting the lil people’s rooms done with the little energy I have left, but my fireplace looked SO SAD, and you know how I love a good garland! So here you go!

The bunnies are a free printable


And then I also included a carrot shape. I have never done a paint chip craft ever, call me subversive. But I had some on hand, and they were just too perfect for carrots to pass up!

Bunnies and Carrots Garland for Easter

How cute is that?! The bunnies and carrots will also work super as lil gift toppers or to attach to a good bag!

Happy crafting!



  1. This is completely adorable and I’m going to leave my children to their legos to make one RIGHT NOW.

    You’re the cutest.

  2. Absolutely adorable…thank you for sharing. I wanted to put up some Easter love, but am just not into the pastel of the holiday. I love the black and white bunnies and love even more that you shared it with us all. I follow you on instagram and just had to “hop” on over to the blog to print them out! = )

  3. Hooray! The fluffy stereotypical Easter decorations are not usually style so I can’t wait to print out this trendy garland. Thanks!

  4. There are just adorable, a perfect easter kid’s project! thanks for sharing x

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