5 Easy DIY Easter Hair Accessories


Well it’s finally complete! Here is a total round-up of the “Add More Fun to Your Bun” series! To watch the original video clip of me on the local news that sparked it, go here!

I think Easter Sunday would be the perfect time to bust out one of these amazing DIY hair accessories, but really, you should rock em all spring long.


1. Flouncy no-sew hair bow

2. Pom-pom hair clip

3. Glittered toy animal clips

4. Heart of gold hair clip

5. Easy floral hairpiece DIY

I hope you’ll be sure to tag me on Instagram if you make any, or post any pix! Or shoot me and email with the link!



  1. Oh my gosh that pig hair clip!!!!! I have to do that for my little girl. Such a great idea. Thank you!!!

  2. Rach:

    That video is seriously adorable!! Love everything about the whole fun to your bun thing. I will be making a big bow this morning. Like right now.

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