Flouncy No-Sew Fun Bun Bow Tutorial

I love nothing more than a big, messy, fun bun. The longer and dirtier my hair gets, the better and bigger bun I can make. And more bun = more fun. Then I started noticing that all the teenagers were putting these adorable bows in the bottom of their buns. So naturally, I had to make a bigger and better bow for my larger and more intense bun. After all, I am both larger and more intense than a teenager.

Behold, the flouncy fun bun bow.

flouncy hair bow tutorial

But flouncy bows aren’t just for fun buns! Look at how well Gigi rocks the flounce!

flouncy hair bow tutorial flouncy hair bow tutorial

And matchy mommy-daughter flounce!

matching mommy daughter hair bows

And remember my pleather hearts of gold?! Well they work really well in a fun bun too! This is Heather’s fun bun, HUGE thank you to her bun, and her buns for taking all these GORG pictures.

heart of gold hair bow

diy hair bow and heart clip

So, are you ready to put some more fun in your bun?! These bows are INCREDIBLY easy to make, but there is a bit of a trick to figuring out how to get them to look so flouncy. LUCKILY I figured it out! So read on for the full tutorial!



- 15×8″ piece of flouncy material. Preferably something with polyester, as it doesn’t wrinkle and can have optimal flounce.
- A hot glue gun
- A strip of pleather or ribbon for the center
- E6000 glue (this is optional, but if you don’t want your clip to fall off…you probably want to pick some up. This stuff HOLDS. If you use hot glue to attach your clip it will not be as secure)
- Alligator (or other) hair clips

<a href="http://thealisonshow.com/?attachment_id=4743" rel="attachment wp-att-4743"><img src="http://thealisonshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/how-to-make-a-fun-bun-hair-bow.png" alt="how-to-make-a-fun-bun-hair-bow" width="570" height="881" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4743" /></a>

1. Add a strip of hot glue along the long WRONG side of your fabric
2. Press the ends together
3. Turn the fabric inside out, so the seam is on the inside (that’s the trick!)
4. Place your fabric with the seam up, and flatten it out a bit
5. Put some hot glue on one end, and fold it in towards the center
6. Put some hot glue down the center of the bow and fold the other side in, add some hot glue here and there to keep things in place
7. Flip your bow over and pinch it, wow, that looks AWESOME!
8. If using pleather or other fabric for the center, fold the raw edges in a hot glue them in place to get a clean edge
9. Wrap the pleather or ribbon around the center and then hot glue in place
10. Follow directions on your E6000 to hold your alligator clip in place



You have some fab bows! WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WITH THESE GOLD PLEATHER HEARTS?! Just wait. I have more ideas. And MORE Valentine’s ideas ALL WEEK LONG! In fact I might have too many to post. So we’ll see.

Also, if you’re wondering how I get my bun SO FUN, check out THIS RAD video tutorial.

Happy buns to all!



  1. This bow is a serious game-changer in the world of giant top knots. Thank you.

  2. Dude. Your bun looks like delicious cotton candy and I love it.

    • Haha! Thank you! It is looking rather fluffy isn’t it!?

  3. This is adorable. And all kinds of awesome. And I can’t wait to make one. Or ten. For my three daughters. haha

  4. I know this is gonna sound weird (hopefully not stalkerish) But I totally had a dream that I babysat Gigi, last night. She was soo sassy with me, and adorable. But she kept trying to have me let her do things that I knew she wasn’t aloud. I was so scared of how you’d react when you’d return!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA I feel like we know each other (on the Internets!) well enough that this is actually just really funny! And I would never, ever blame someone for letting Gigi get the best of them! She does everyday with me and her daddy!

  5. I have to make some of these soon! They are so cute!

  6. love them! If I hadn’t just chopped all my hair off and could have figured out the bun thing…i would wear them! (maybe you could show us how to wear those cute bows with short hair?)

    • oooh! I bet they’d still look so cute! I’ll see if I can get my short-haired babe of neighbor to model! xo

  7. teach me your bun ways! i cannot, for the life of me, do my hair in a top knot and have it look cute.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! Love the gold puff hearts. Very festive!

  9. Stephanie:

    I love it! Can’t wait to try out this bun. I’ve been sewing bow ties for my boys. This method is WAY easier!

    • Oooh, it probably would work with bow ties! Less flounce with some cotton probably! xo

  10. melissa:

    On my to do list! Thank you miss alison! So happy i found you through IG :) happylittlehomemaker ;)

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  13. Anna:

    LOVE this tutorial.

    Thank you so much for sharing it. I have a little gathering on Sunday and I was using another bow tutorial that was so fiddly but now I’m going to make them as favours. Anna x

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  16. Corinne:

    when u said the wrong side of fabric u should have said the right side, but other than that great!! :)

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  22. Meggs:

    O-M-G!!!!! Its absolutely flippen cute bouncing and THE BEST PART ITS SOOOOO BIIIGGG!!! LOVE, love it!! <3

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  27. Vittany:

    How much was the gold pleather and the fabric? There’s no where I could find fabric that’s cheap and affordable these days! :(

    • it’s from Joann’s but I don’t remember the cost! I always use a coupon!

  28. I am in love with this!!! I am going to give this a try. I am so lazy when it comes to my hair. Sometimes I just throw it in a messy bun, but adding that bow makes it look so cute! Thank you for posting this!

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