Potato Stamp Valentines

Potato Stamp Valentines
January 22, 2013 Alison Faulkner

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It has been FREAKING FREEZING here in Utah. We are talking negative numbers people. FREEZING. Gigi has literally been running in circles around the house, and our biggest activity as of late has been picking up, “Mommy’s drink” from the gas station drive-thru.

I’ve been trying to come up with activities for Gigi that require very little set-up and very little money. So we invited Cole and Hawk over for some potato stamping. Then we asked if they could bring the potatoes. I’m a REAL class act.


The kiddos LOVED getting their stamp on. Cole (age 4) was able to really get the idea of the “stamp” and tried to make the shape. Gigi (age 2.5) just tried to use as much paint as humanly possible, which is why I kept her in her jammies, and Hawk (age 1) was able to paint with the stamp and really enjoyed it.

My tips for successful potato stamps

1. Cut your potato in half, and then draw your design with a pen into the potato.
2. With a paring knife, cut around the shape. Make sure the cut down at least an inch. This makes for a clearer stamp. Clear the excess pieces of potato.
3. Test the stamp and make the needed adjustments to the shape with your paring knife.
4. If working with kids, cover the entire table with freezer paper. It’s inexpensive and the paint does not bleed through.

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5. Use non-toxic acrylic paint unless you can figure out a way to get your 2-year-old NOT to eat it.

Good luck! I think we will make some Valentine’s for our friends using some new stamps!



  1. DecadesofVintage 5 years ago

    have you and the kids ever tried stamping with celery. just cut it off from the bottom……leave enough so the children can easily hold it…..voila a rose is stamped.

    sometimes i peel off some of the outer stalks after we make large roses to change the size to small roses.

  2. Brittany 5 years ago

    you are adorable. Mommy’s drink sounds like magic. Maybe I should pick me up some too.

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      Haha thank you! And sometimes I call it, “mommy juice” which sounds so wrong, right?!

  3. Sarah 5 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration! I had sort of forgotten about potato stamps. I did it today with the girls and they loved it. I did a few different shapes—star, rectangle, circle, heart, and oval—just to mix things up a little. And they were exactly as you predicted—Madeline loved to make the actual stamps and Violet liked to paint with it. Both had a lot of fun—it’s always nice when one activity is a hit with different age groups.

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