Microsoft Windows8 Dinner for Alt Summit

Microsoft Windows8 Dinner for Alt Summit
January 29, 2013 Alison Faulkner

I was TICKLED when Microsoft asked me if I wanted to help them host a dinner for Alt Summit. I’ve always loved dabbling in event planning, so this was a fun treat!

As a quick review, Alt Summit is a 3 day conference in SLC for design, lifestyle and fashion bloggers. On Wednesday night sponsors host mini parties all around the city. Because the conference hosts about 500 bloggers, the small dinners are a great way for sponsors to help smaller groups get together and meet some friends before the MADNESS begins.

I was asked to help make the bloggers feel welcome and spoiled and connected to the Microsoft brand. The products they wanted to introduce were and the Surface (their tablet) so I wanted to make the dinner about personalization–as that is what these products are all about!

I partnered with the FABULOUS Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral to have her create individual headpieces for each guest. She also created the gorgeous centerpieces and the eucalyptus garland. SHE IS A GENIUS. I cannot recommend her enough.

All photos were GENEROUSLY taken by Heather Mildenstein of The Coterie


Then I BEGGED the great and marvelous photographer Heather Zweig to come out of graphic design retirement to create a giant placemat for each table. I love how the placemats made the space and tables feel cohesive and connected. I’m not gonna lie, I thought I was pretty much a genius for thinking of it!


I chose fun quotes about individuality and personality to accompany the floral headpieces at each place. The placemats worked as a sort of map for where everything should go. Glittered mirrors sat on top of encouraging phrases like, “You look fab” and “Look at yo’ fine self.”


I placed a pom-pom wrapped (I hot-glued all the pom-poms on!) Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse on top of adorable “mice” drawn on the placemat.


I even provided bobby pins (glittered of course) so that people could secure the flowers in their hair using their glittered mirrors. I put the mirrors on little muslin bags so guests could take them home as a party favor! I do not believe in party waste.


All in all it was a wonderful dinner and working with Microsoft was a DREAM because they basically let me run wild! Thank you!!! Everyone seemed to have a lovely time!

microsoft8-alt dinner

In the next few week I will share some more detailed how-to’s inspired by this event! But thank you for letting me drone ON AND ON about all the little details. As they do make me SO GIDDY!

Can I just say the KEY to making this FUN and not a horrible STRESSFUL experience was pulling together an AMAZING team. Heather Mildenstein not only took all the photos (both before the event and then during) but she helped me carry things and set things up. Which I desperately needed in my pregnant state. Ashley Beyer was so sweet to work with, she was creative, helped me with colors, and totally consulted with me on EVERY little detail to make the event cohesive. And Heather Zweig saved my butt in the last hour with her beautiful placemat design.

I could have tried to do ALL this myself. I have floral and graphic design background, and a DSLR. But by letting go of the reigns, and involving experts in each area, it truly was a PARTY.

SO what I’m saying is, COLLABORATION is a blessing. And I happen to know a lot of angels.



  1. DecadesofVintage 5 years ago

    How fabulous….how creative….how genius….how beautiful !!!!
    I am so impressed with your ideas and the execution of them that made this event so memorable, I am sure.

  2. Emily 5 years ago

    That party looks absolutely beautiful and charming.

  3. This is amazing, Alison! The pom poms, the glitter, the placemats! Ah, I love it! And so glad we got to meet & chat at Alt!!

  4. Sara 5 years ago

    Flowers and glitter are seriously my two favorite things and they are the perfect pair!!!! I agree with the genius idea of the table place mat too! NICE WORK with this dinner! It looks like it was so fun and such a perfect way to combat the silly wintry weather. Champ!

  5. Kami 5 years ago

    I love this. The placemats are seriously awesome.

  6. Giulia 5 years ago

    This is amazing – all the details! What a great job, great ideas and great execution. Sorry I wasn’t able to be at that dinner – would have loved to see it in person!

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      it was fun! but i will say the food wasn’t as fun as the decor :)!

  7. Nassari 5 years ago

    It looks so magical. love it! Great job Alison!

  8. Melissa 5 years ago

    I wish I could have gone to every fabulous dinner in one night! Your decor looks stunning!!

  9. we love citrus 5 years ago

    Absolutely amazing Alison 🙂

  10. Heidi 5 years ago

    Way to go for asking for help! I bet you were able to enjoy yourself much more when you didn’t have to do it all by yourself.
    I love how the neutral and gold color scheme goes with the flowers. So pretty!

  11. Danielle 5 years ago

    The party looks enchanting! Well done!

  12. christine tafoya 5 years ago

    saw your photo on instgram and loved it enough to come see it in “person” on your blog. Fabulous! xo

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      Oh! Thank you! So glad to have you here 🙂

  13. Brittany 5 years ago

    What?! you are a genius with those placemats! The whole thing is tops. Of course!

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      (bowing) “we’re not worthy, we’re scum!” thanks girl!

  14. Trina 5 years ago

    everything looks so pretty. I was supposed to be there but my flight was delayed. Boo. Fun to be able to see how it turned out though…..and so glad I met you fri night. xo . trina

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      YES! So nice to meet you! Sorry about your flight. That’s the worst!

  15. Melanie 5 years ago

    Oh man, I wish I had gone to this shindig. The graphic placemats are genius. And the flowers are oh so pretty. Nicely done lady.

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