Heart of Gold Valentine’s Garland

Heart of gold valentines garland
Heart of gold valentines heart DIY
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As promised, the Valentine’s fun has BEGUN! SO! Throw your mittens around your kittens and AWAY WE GO!

My mantle was looking so sad. It had such a special Christmas, and it seriously started BEGGING me to adorn it with pink and pleather. So OBVIOUSLY I obliged. I used this gold pleather on my Doll Face Doll, and it was so fun I had to use some more. Pleather is fantastic because it doesn’t fray. It IS expensive, but it comes in such wide yardage (the bolt is more like 50″ instead of 36″) you really don’t need much. But I loved the pink stitches on the cream felt, so I used some of that too.

heart-of-gold-garland valentines DIY

Click through for the full how-to!



My heart templates DOWNLOAD THEM HERE
Non-fraying fabric, I used pleather and felt
Embroidery floss
Polyester Stuffing
An embroidery needle


1. Cut out the hearts in the two template sizes. Trace desired heart shape on the BACK of the pleather. You don’t want to pin it because it will leave little holes. Fold the fabric in half so that you are cutting out two hearts.

2. Split your embroidery floss in half. I like stitching with 3 of the 6 strands. You can stitch with all 6, but it will make a bolder stitch.

3. Make evenly spaced stitches around the outside of your heart. Leave an inch open, stuff the heart with tiny pieces of stuffing, and then finish stitching up the heart.

4. Using a needle and a FULL strand of embroidery floss string your hearts.

5. Take pictures of your adorable garland and then SHOW THEM TO ME!

I have lots of other ideas for these little hearts, so be sure to stay tuned!!

Happy crafting!



  1. I NEED that pink pom pom ribbon, where can i find it?!?!?!?!?!

    • It’s just from Joann! If you go where they have ribbon you can buy by the yard they have the pom poms in lots of sizes and colors. I got two yards!

  2. AMANDA:

    too cute! great color scheme :)

  3. I’m SO in love with these pleather hearts! Like tot the point of turning my home in to a pleather wonderland. And I can totally handle this type of sewing! Rad!

    • Thank you! I know, I need more pleather. It’s so tacky and FABULOUS! haha

  4. Paula Taylor:

    I love these! So cute and fun!

  5. Alison, Thank you for posting this DIY. I’m making sure to get some of my girl friends one of these nights and we’ll make these! Super cute!! Congrats agains, you will find that with having a boy they are super low maintenance.

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  9. melissa:

    Love this! I can’t wait to tell all my friends all about your blog

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  13. Did you get that gold pleather at Joann’s too? It is the perfect gold! My mind is already going a million miles a minute about what I could craft with this pleather!

    • Yes i did! It’s the best thing ever! haha not the best quality, but i mean, what can one expect from pleather? right?

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