Provo Christmas Craft Party & Food drive

Provo Christmas Craft Party & Food drive
December 14, 2012 Alison Faulkner


Hey! This is for all my local peeps! It’s kind of late notice, but I think we can all drop what we’re doing to help stock up the food bank and get our craft on! And eat discounted waffles…mmm…

Susan and I will be there as proud Craft Pack Leaders helping people make really cute leather Christmas ornaments! So come and say hello! Also, if you’re local (or close!) feel to spread the word via instagram or your blog! The top of the flier is a perfect square.

There will also be cookie decorating, photo booths, give-aways (one from me…) and Jessica (the hostess with the mostest) is looking for more items to giveaway, so if you have something to contribute contact her at

We are only requiring you bring 2 items to attend, but please feel free to bring more! We will also be accepting cash donations.

-canned tuna
-canned meat
-canned beans & chili
-canned stews & soups
-100% fruit juice
-powdered milk
-canned fruits and vegetables
-mac & cheese dinners
-peanut butter
-toilet paper
-bar soap
-launry soap
-disposable diapers
-feminie hygiene products

Let’s put some FOOD in da bank lovers. Plus you can see me in all my chubby pregnant glory. The midwife today was like, “You’ve gained 9 pounds since your last appointment…” And I was like, “I had a big lunch?”




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