DIY Holiday Neighbor Gift: Candy Checkers

DIY Holiday Neighbor Gift: Candy Checkers
December 11, 2012 Alison Faulkner
DIY Candy Checkers
Candy Checkers
candy checkers
photography by Weston Colton // thanks to Heather and Cole for modeling

I love to take a little something to my neighbors to wish them a Happy Holiday. I usually spend obscene amounts of time making elaborate cookies, but this year it would be nice to be able to take something to more people! I’m pregnant, and tired, and well. There you go.

We came up with these Candy Checkers.

Written instructions here:

Supplies needed for one checker set:


1 checkerboard printed on regular paper
1 Candy Checkers label printed on sticker paper
2 “eat a piece, win a piece” labels printed on sticker paper
1 A7 box (found at paper supply stores)
A piece of cardstock or thin cardboard about 8.5x 11”
Spray adhesive or glue
12 candies of one color
12 candies of a different color
2 small cellophane bags

How to assemble your checker set:

1. Adhere you checkerboard to your cardstock or thin cardboard—something about
the weight of a cereal box is perfect.
2. Trim the papers to the edge of the checkerboard.
3. To make the board fold easily: score the centerline of the board with a bone folder
or chopstick.
4. Place the board in your box.
5. Adhere the Candy Checkers label to the front of your box. This is easiest if you
print the label on sticker paper, but you could also glue the label in place.
6. Package your candy pieces in two cellophane bags, keeping them color
coordinated. Seal the bags shut with the circle labels.
7. Place the candy in the box and put the lid on.
8. Make lots of sets for your neighbors and friends and have a happy holiday!

They really are super simple, inexpensive, and I think a lot of fun. What do you like to take to your neighbors?



  1. The Cuisinerd 5 years ago

    Could you two be any mor adorable? Love this idea and love that I get to see you both next month.

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 years ago

      stop it, you are the best. but don’t stop that!

  2. Disney 5 years ago

    OK, yep. Pretty much in love with both of you guys! And you both have such a great on-screen presence! And I super love this craft. :O)

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