Sugar Cookie Place Cards

Sugar Cookie Place Cards
November 2, 2012 Alison Faulkner

Sugar cookies as place cards at a birthday party

Ginger’s Pony Party was over a month ago, but I still have so many details to share!

One fun thing I did for the party was set up a tiny tots table. (see above!) I made the table by placing an old door (we have tons laying around, I don’t know why) on cinder blocks. This way I had a table that was exactly toddler tummy height! Yum, toddler tummies.

At each place setting I set out a bandana for the kids (made from scrap fabric I had on hand), their party hat, bubbles with a pony head finger puppet, their cup, and also a sugar cookie with their name on it. I loved creating a special cookie for each child who was coming to the party. Also, it kept me from feeling the need to make party favors! Or at least fight the urge…

Sugar cookies as place cards

Cutest party guests EVER enjoying their place card cookies. Their hot mom has a beautiful blog about raising little braves here!


This was also the first time I placed a cookie on top of a cookie!

1. I made the tiny ponies, frosted them, and let them dry. I added the saddle, eyes, nose and hoofs with an edible writing pen.
2. I used a Tupperware to make the rectangle cookie with rounded corners (one from Ikea I believe).
3. I iced the larger cookie and let it dry.
4. I adhered the ponies to the larger cookie with royal icing –I used royal icing for all for all of the frosting (instructional video here, but I need to make a new one this one is so bad! sorry).
5. I piped the kid’s named with a #2 tip. I wrote the letters on the diagonal for children who had longer names.

Sugar cookies keep really well, so you could do this like 4-5 days before the party. Store the cookies in sealed containers, and be sure to separate them with parchment paper. Also don’t do too many layers, I do two. You don’t want the cookies to weigh down on top of one another.

This would be really REALLY cute for a kid’s Thanksgiving table. Little turkeys with the kiddos names on them?! Be still my heart. I can’t wait for the day I host Thanksgiving. Muhahahaha.

Love you all! I hope you have a happy weekend! And a HUGE HUGE thank you to those of you who bought our book yesterday! We were giddy with each sale! And will continue to get giddy!

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