Felt Triangle Garland

felt triangle garland
felt triangle garland
felt triangle garland
felt triangle garland

I was looking to add some COLOR to my Christmas tree this year! But Eric is always looking to have me not spend money. KILLJOY. So I figured I do what I do best: watch a few episodes of a teen television drama (my new favorite is One Tree Hill!) and get my craft on. I have TONS of felt. I’m really into felt. So I figured a felt garland was just the ticket.

felt triangle garland

Triangles are the best because you just do three snips! No measuring, no perfect lines or even angles. If they look remotely even it’s fine. They are a mindless and wonderful shape, and still so hip. I chained sewed these together. I gave full instructions over on Minted’s blog Julep! So if you’re unfamiliar with the method check it out.

In other news. Wow. I am so touched and thankful for the comments you guys left on my post about the bouncing baby boy in my belly. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and optimistic. I think by writing the post and really articulating my feelings I was able to understand why I was sad, but at the same time after writing my thoughts down, I was able to move past those feelings of loss for the sister I THOUGHT Gigi was having. I’ve been able to get a little more excited about the mister in my belly.

So sincerely. Thank you for taking the time to reach out, send me your love, and just be a part of this community. I read and reread each and every comment and then had Eric read them. And they really helped.

I love you all,


  1. I love that garland. I especially love how you mixed it with tinsel, and is that a white knit i-cord garland? I’m working on knitting some red garland right now and wasn’t sure how it would mix with my current tinsel, but yours is modern and lovely and now I am more confident!

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