Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Finally! Finally! Finally! I have been meaning to post my video for this for 3 weeks! It’s long, it’s detailed…it’s all yours. This is an old craft, sure Martha Stewart did it a few years ago, but she certainly wasn’t the first one! And I’m certainly not the last! But! This is my own method, gleaned from lots of different methods. And I hope you enjoy!


x-small pumpkin: two pieces of fabric 4″ x 2.5″
small pumpkin : two pieces of fabric 6″ x 5″
medium pumpkin : two pieces of fabric 7.5″ x 6″
large pumpkin : two pieces of fabric 11″ x 9″

The width is the first number, it is longer than the height. But you can make these any size you want! Just make them a rectangle and you’re good to go. The small pumpkin measures approx. 3.5″ wide and 2″ tall when finished, to help give you a gauge.

I love making these because once you’ve sewn the sides together with the machine (you can do it by hand if you don’t have a machine) you can do the rest of the craft snuggled up in front of a movie! Or in my case season 5 of Buffy.

DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial
DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I have been SO into fall decor, it’s absurd. These are also a cute gift. At least I think so, because I’ve been gifting them. Stay tuned for more fun!



  1. Soooo awesome! I think I need to have a craft night with all my friends now and make these pumpkins. Thanks, Alison!

  2. Jessica:

    These are so so cute!

  3. Danielle:

    Everything has been done already. It’s your little details, fabric combos, styling and vision that makes it all yours. Love.

    • thank you! that’s a very nice thing to say and I love it!

  4. Courtney:

    These are so adorable! I cannot wait to make some!

  5. Lana:

    I love 3 colored banner in the back! do you have a tutorial for that. It is awesome!

    • you know, I don’t because I think there are similar ones out there, but I could do one, i get asked a lot! if i come across a similar one I’ll let you know!

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  7. ShellyLyn:

    These are simply adorable! Where do you get your fabric? It’s just so perfect:) exactly the style and colors I’m hoping to decorate with this year!

  8. Carla:

    I enjoyed your video and love the pumpkins. I also like the candy corn bunting in the background.

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  13. Jenelle:

    These pumpkins are adorable! I am getting married the day after Halloween so I am using pumpkin decor and I am going to make these for my escort card holders. Your video was very easy to follow and very informative. Thanks for the great idea!!

  14. Erin:

    SO cute, love the idea! While watching your tutorial I thought when you were running the yarn for the sections you could use a button on the bottom to keep the yarn from coming through. Just an idea :)

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