Spooky Spider Candles for Halloween

Spooky Spider Candles for Halloween
October 2, 2012 Alison Faulkner

halloween candlestick craft idea

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know, I’ve been getting overly excited. But I thought I’d share this QUICK craft idea with you because I think it’s a fun way to spook up your mantle place. I made a quick little video with the details! I hope you enjoy.

I added some spiders elsewhere and Gigi loves walking around shouting, “CIDER! CIDER!” every time she sees one.

I tried to have her help me with the craft (just by handing me spiders) and she would NOT touch them. She wouldn’t run away from them, or leave the room, but she didn’t want to touch the ciders. Poor little thing, I might be making things TOO spooky for the 2-year-old.

I have a lot more Halloween ideas headed your way! I am so into fall decor I cannot help myself!


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  1. Melanie 5 years ago

    I love these so much! If only my house were more organized, I would totally make these! Saving these for next year…

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