DIY Party Hat free template

DIY Party Hat free template
September 18, 2012 Alison Faulkner

how to make your own party hat
how to make your own party hat
how to make your own party hat
Last year at Gigi’s fancy pants party I made each lady (young and old) a mini fascinator. This year I made way too many Pony Party Hats for every party guest. The thing about party hats is they instantly make someone look festive. You see a party hat and know, “It’s party time.” I for one, if offered a party hat, will always put it on. But other people don’t share my enthusiasm for regalia. Which is a lesson I thought I had learned before, but learned yet again as I picked up countless unworn party hats this past weekend.

how to make your own party hat

With that said, the reason making your own party hats is so great is because they are quick, inexpensive, cute hats can double as decor (see above!) and you don’t have to make one for each person! (Like I did, said with bitter disdain.)

How to make a party hat

1. Download my Pony Party Hat template here. One template will make one hat.
2. OR if you aren’t throwing a pony party here’s a blank template that you can decorate as you see fit. Print the hats on cardstock.
3. Cut out the hat/hats.
4. Using hot glue, seal the seam on the backside. I find it’s easier to glue from top to bottom.
5. Add a pom pom to the top. To make your own pom pom check out my video here.
6. Using elastic thread (found at any craft or sewing store) measure about an 8″ piece. You can test this out on your head. Glue the ends of the elastic thread to the insides of the party hat. 7. Get yo’ party on.


– Use my download as a template only, and trace the shape onto printed scrapbook paper or poster board.
– Before gluing the seam down cover the hat with fabric. Trim the fabric 1/2″ around the shape, and then glue the ends of the fabric under on the backside.
– Add 3D objects to your hats! Confetti, beads, tiny pinwheels, anything that fits your theme.
– Find clipart or design your own print and drop it in my blank template file.

As you can see children (especially my child) LOVE wearing party hats!

free DIY party hat templateall photos by Heather Mildenstein

No but really, look how much fun you can have in a party hat! Tempting right? Happy crafting!



  1. Betty 1 year ago

    Wow! Just what I needed! Super helpful. I’m in need of white blank party hats for a party I’m coordinating. Thank you. Great pictures and awesome theme! – Betty, Orlando

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