How to fold & organize your fabric

How to fold & organize your fabric

How to Fold and organize your fabric stash

I’ve mentioned once or twice that cleanliness isn’t one of my “strengths.” People often ask, “How do you get so much done?!” And I think this is a HUGE compliment, but you should all know that the reality of it is that I get a lot of CERTAIN things done, and then I completely disregard other things that you would probably consider necessary. For example you would probably kill the giant pile of ants you found in your bathroom, instead of glancing at them with mild interest while googling, “When does Dawson finally have sex?” (SEASON 5 PEOPLE!)

However, I’ve been trying to be more balanced, for the sake of my poor husband if for no one else, and I’ve been trying to keep my crap organized. So imagine my dismay when Susan came over to work on our top-secret project and told me how horrible my folding skills were. Actually, this is really NO surprise to me. I am horribly at folding. I didn’t even know people could be good at folding until my mid-twenties.

And that brings us to the latest installment of The Alison Show:

How to Fold and Organize Your Fabric Like a Pro

Or Like You’re Neurotic.


I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed conning Susan into folding my stash. Sucker.

And don’t forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway for a $50 gift card! Basically just leave me a bunch of comments pandering to my ego, saying you follow my every social media whim and we’re good.

Also, I signed up for the Santa Barbara Marathon. On my birthday, November 10! It will be exactly 5 years in November since I’ve run one and I think it’s about time. I’m telling you so I don’t back out. Again.

OH and ALSO I’m teaching another Illustrator for Bloggers class next week!

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. andrea f williams 3 years ago

    THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN. I’m not joking. I had no idea people did things like this and I will probably not do anything like this going forward but I love you both anyways!

  2. Danielle 3 years ago

    This makes me simultaneously fascinated and totally anxious. Wow. My husband told me the other day they need a show called “craft hoarders” and that he’d nominate me. Susan could totally host that show. Amazing. Dying to know what your super secret project is.

  3. nicole choules 3 years ago

    Susan’s amazing & you have fabulous fabric. You should pimp her out

  4. alicia king 2 years ago

    i can relate to her! but i don’t tape off a square…so maybe i’m not as neurotic ;)

  5. Poli Fowdrey 2 years ago

    Awesome! I need to find some masking tape… there’s some somewhere, under all this fabric!

  6. J. Cooper 2 years ago

    Uhhhh… Not sure if I feel relieved that I’m not that neurotic… or if she just slapped me with her white glove. I feel a crazy throw-down comin’ on! As if I don’t do enough folding all day long, I’m bout to go refold. Thanks, I think:-/

  7. Jo 2 years ago

    Wow, how lucky are you to have a friend like Susan! What a great video. Thank you for sharing an amazing life skill and spreading the love.

  8. Judy Murdoch 1 year ago

    I have lots of scarves and I’ve always been rather baffled about how to fold them neatly into boxes. Now I feel so relieved that I’m not as obsessive compulsive as I thought. I, too, measure, fold and refold my scarves so they fit neatly into containers. Whew. I’m not alone. Thank you!!

  9. Fred 6 months ago

    Great video, so funny and instructive! Love it, and I’ll give it a try!

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