Balloon tassels and fringe DIY

DIY how to make balloon fringe tassels
DIY how to make balloon fringe tassels
I’m sure you’re all WELL aware that I am TOTALLY not the first person to add fringe and tassels to balloons. And even though I usually try to do 100% original crafts, this is just such a fantastic trend that I though I’d show you how I do it. Plus, you know how I feel about balloons!

So when my friend Meta, of One More Mushroom, said she wanted to make some tassels for a baby shower I was ALL over helping her.

DIY how to make balloon fringe tassels


- A giant 36″ balloon, Meta got her’s from a local party supply store
- Plastic table cloths in a variety of colors (the long rectangle kind, each table cloth will make approx. 20 tassels)
- A rotary cutter (not totally necessary but helpful)
- A hot glue gun
- Decorative string

How to make a tassel

- Enlist the help of an attention-starved almost-2-year-old
DIY how to make balloon fringe tassels
- Cut your plastic table cloth in half lengthwise, and then fold each half in half again. Each folded half will make approx. 10 tassels.
DIY how to make balloon fringe tassels
- With your rotary cutter slice one inch strips (keep the fold at the top of your fringe)
DIY how to make balloon fringe tassels
- Criss-cross 10 pieces of fringe as shown. Overlap the pieces at the fold.
- Pinch below your top fold about an inch down

- Using 1/4 of a strip, begin to wrap your “pinch” in place. Secure the strip with a dab of hot glue.
- To add tassels to a balloon: hot glue as many tassels as you’d like to a piece of decorative string. Tie the string to your balloon and PARTY! This way you can remove the string and save it for another balloon!

Head on over to Meta’s blog to check out some AMAZING pictures of how she used the tassels and some other fringe banners at the baby shower. Oh yeah, Meta took all these pictures. She’s awesome like that.

I hope you totally get your fringe on!


  1. Lexy:

    Let’s talk about how awesome this is. And what a good model Gigi is! Cutest girl, fo’ sho’. I’m ready to go make about 50 giant balloons. No parties coming up, but I’m sold.

  2. Alison, you are adorable! I love your “show.”
    (p.s. – I met you at Joel’s funeral, I was good friends with Eric in College…)

  3. matching your crafts is the only way to craft. also, can you drop the gig off for a bit? I miss her.

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  5. Jess:

    I’m helping to throw a friend a baby shower, this is a very cute, simple idea. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. I Cannot Wait To Make These For My Daughters Birthday Party!

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  11. Rubydoll:

    thanks so much!

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  18. amber:

    Please share where you purchased that coral colored plastic tablecloth. I hope they have an online store!

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