Easy Summer Craft Ideas

Easy Summer Craft Ideas
June 26, 2012 Alison Faulkner

Summer days are long, but the summer itself moves by so fast! So to fill those long days I’ve rounded up some easy summer craft supplies. These craft supplies lend themselves to quick crafting. It’s not a specific craft idea per-say, but more of a little bundle of inspiration. Having them on hand is sure to = fun.

Let’s break it down!

Bird house: This little guy was in the dollar section at JoAnn. I would paint him with some summer pastels, and then add some fun tribal details in neon. They have lots of little unfinished wood pieces. I think these are great for a quick craft with kids, or a girl’s night because you can get it done in one go! I would also love to see some glitter on there! Like I did here.

Stencils: I LOVED these stencils! How hip are they? Sometimes I think the craft people hit gold without knowing it. There’s no way the designer who made them knew how on trend they’d be. Ha. But let’s all take advantage of it. I bought out the JoAnn in Orem, so you can get some here if you live by me!

Mint Acrylic Paint
: I’ve been obsessed with mint lately. This is Martha Stewart in “Pea Shoot”. I don’t think her paints are better than the others, in fact, I might not even like them as much as some of the other brands. But she does know her colors, and this line was on sale. Oh MARTHA you get us every time.

Tea Towels
: I’m a big fan of practical crafts. Things you can use or wear. Have you noticed? These tea towels are available at Wal-Mart for like $3 for two. They aren’t super high quality, but i think painting some red stripes on them would make them fun for a picnic.

: It’s not pictured here, but I also included some RIT dye in “Tangerine” because I thought it would be fun to ombre dye the tea towels. Like I did here with my ombre socks!

Neon Paint: These little tubs of paint are really inexpensive. That makes them great for letting your almost-2-year-old have a hay day. Finger painting?

: I don’t really see why I need to explain myself for this one. Other than this is a cute little set in “Summer” colors.

Embroidery Floss
: Friendship bracelets, hair wraps… SUMMER FUN! I would also use this to wrap something like a napkin ring or bracelet, or sunglasses.

Do these supplies inspire you with some ideas I’ve missed?! DO SHARE!

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  1. Mandy 6 years ago

    You are to crafts what Beyounce is to music!

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