Ombré Party Cake

Ombré Party Cake
March 8, 2012 Alison Faulkner

all photos by Meta / cake stand borrowed from Meg

I made this cake the other day with some mini rounds I had leftover from making my Ruffle Celebration Cake. I used the same frosting and cake recipes I did for that DELICIOUS cake, I just iced the sides (fairly sloppily) with three shades of pink to give it an ombré effect. It was quick, and by adding a few ruffles and dots, I think pretty cute. I lent out my a lot of cake supplies, so I just used a butter knife. You too can make this cake!

My lover Meta took these photos at her house. She’s SO talented! Like. Seriously. Her children’s interiors blog One More Mushroom is soon to launch. BUT in the meantime, you can soak up her amazing style by following her on Instagram @onemoremushroom.

I  love the idea of topping cakes with fun things you have around your house. And when you’re at Meta’s house the options are ENDLESS.

She also captured some pretty fun pictures of Gigi and me in her beautiful office. I love these so much because they PERFECTLY sum up our relationship. The differences in the photos are slight. But just watch Gigi’s expression. She had just been crying/throwing a fit, which is why her eyes are so cute and red.


Oh man. She’s an adorable little handful. And yes, she totally had cake for dinner.



  1. Star haus 6 years ago

    You two are too cute!

  2. Megan 6 years ago

    I love her!

  3. Sarah Wilks 6 years ago

    I LOVE those photos. Gigi is GORGEOUS. And so is that cake!

  4. in morse code 6 years ago

    how do i in licit your help/need to make a birthday cake for my little boy's first birthday??? could i pay you in polymer clay? ha!

  5. emilyhutchison 6 years ago

    Gigi is getting so big and cuter by the day. I love pictures of the two of you on this blog.

  6. courtney dalley 6 years ago

    cute cake, cute baby. Plus, I love the ombre cake! Did you apply the white frosting first and then go deeper in hue, towards the bottom? If that makes sense? PLUS your cake topper reminded me of a board I saw on Pinterest. It's called "kitschy cupcakes"…with some way retro cupcakes that use lots of unconventional, retro props for cake! You might likey

  7. mgfaulkner 6 years ago

    Oh Gigi Gammy misses you!

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