Easter Bunny Cup

As promised! Today I’m sharing with you a super cute and easy tutorial for an Easter Bunny Cup! They are pretty self explanatory, but Susan and I made a video anyway! I hope you enjoy it. I learned some fancy new editing techniques. I’ve been patting myself on the back for hours now.

Be sure to use these little boogers with all of Fifth & Hazel’s amazing spring downloads!
Hoppy Easter!

keep it crafty, keep it sassy,


  1. meg:

    You + Susan = Unstoppable.

  2. v a n e s s a:

    love the cups and LOVE that shirt. so so great.

  3. Danielle:

    Hoppy Easter! Haha so cute.

  4. marshall p:

    like! j'dorb.

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Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.