DIY Fringe Earrings

When I did my Studio 5 segment a few weeks back I made some of these fringe earrings for display purposes. I’ve been wearing them around and love them so much I just had to share with you how I made them. You’ll die it’s so easy. (Please, don’t actually die.)
diy fringe earrings
diy fringe earrings
diy fringe earrings
I got my super cute sister and her baby to model for me!

diy fringe earrings

Click through for the full tutorial!

One of the most popular tutorials on my blog is for a chevron fringe necklace. Fringe is found in a big box fabric store near the ribbon and other trim. I love the way it looks on a necklace, so I figured why not put some on earrings too! You can buy the fringe in an array of colors, or you can dye white fringe like I have done here. Check out my tutorial on ombré dying for some pointers. The ribbon clasps and earring hooks will be in the jewelry findings section of the store. These earrings are quick and easy and make a great gift. Happy crafting!


Happy crafting!


  1. meg:

    Doing this. Really.

  2. The Brooks Family:

    I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! I need to come say hi.

  3. Allison:

    I've never commented before but this morning on Good Morning America they had a long segment about how jumpsuits are the hottest thing right now and I kept thinking of you. You are so ahead of the curve!

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  11. Heather:

    I would love to make these but the link to the full tutorial is not working :(. Could you please repost the tutorial or send me the instructions in an e-mail? Thank you.

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  13. Love this! Where do you buy your fringe from?

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