Valentine’s Family Photos 2012

Valentine’s Family Photos 2012
February 23, 2012 Alison Faulkner

Well I know Valentine’s has come and gone, but I still really wanted to share some of the pictures we had taken for our 2012 Valentine’s Card.

I had two awesome neighbor/friend/photographers on the job!

These first few were taken by the beautiful Katrina Brooks. She is such a doll and a pleasure to work with. I really like how she is helpful at directing the pictures. Sometimes when you get pictures taken you need some prompting! And Katrina does a great job.
vday2012-1 vday2012-3
vday2012-5 vday2012-6

And here are some favorites from my bestie Heather! I love working with her she is so flexible and creative! She knows me so well she knows just what I’m looking for! And she doesn’t forget to capture the details!
vday2012-11 vday2012-10

I love both sets of pictures so much! Thank you Katrina and Heather!

Thank for indulging me and letting me share all these pictures! I love my family. Aren’t they the best?



  1. Jenna 6 years ago

    Oh my gosh, BETO'S?! My husband and I used to eat there ALL the time during our BYU days. Wow. One of the only good Mexican restaurants in Utah. That and Diego's.

    Love your pictures and the cow print!

  2. Megan 6 years ago

    So cute!

  3. Kim Baise 6 years ago

    These are fantastic!!! Love the outfits you made <3 and
    your baby girl is the sweetest!!!

  4. Kimberly Ngarupe 6 years ago

    The Springville Beto's is the best one!

  5. Lady Danburry 6 years ago

    I was admiring you in these trousers at the bloggers meet up in provo.

  6. mgfaulkner 6 years ago

    Gammy heaven, just looking at these darling pix!

  7. Scarf and Macarons 6 years ago

    Loved this post! So so so cute! You are beautiful darling! I've seen your videos and I'll try to do a lot of things here! Loved your blog so much you are so funny and so happy, haha! Brazil here! Kisses!


  8. kimmy girl 6 years ago

    SO cute! that bun is to die for ali. miss you guys

  9. Katie Kortman 6 years ago

    Man Allison, these outfits are BOMB!!!! I love it, and I love that you did the shoot at Betos!!! hahaaaa! freaking awesome. I never thought living in provo after college would have been bearable, but seriously if I had known all the cool people stay there, I would have made my husband stay:) haha. no really, I love your style.

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