Felt Heart Valentine’s Wreath

Felt Heart Valentine’s Wreath
February 10, 2012 Alison Faulkner

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It’s never too late to get festive! So quick! Grab yourself the following supplies:

1 wreath form
Fabric or ribbon to wrap the wreath form
A hot glue gun
Felt in assorted colors
Baker’s twine
5 straight pins

Step 1. Cut long strips of fabric or ribbon, and cover your wreath form
Step 2: Cut out a whole lot of hearts! (Watch season 1 of Gossip Girl) I used a template I made to keep the hearts uniform. I chose a size that would cover just the FRONT of my wreath with 3 hearts. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COVER THE BACK!

Step 3: Warm up the old glue gun and get gluing! As you can see I layered the hearts on top of the points. I liked the bumps to show. In general let’s all show some bumps!

Step 4: KEEP layering. I believe it was Toddlers & Tiaras at this point! To make the colors even I counted the rows I did in each color. As I got towards the end I started spacing so that things would turn our nicely. In total I did 6 colors with 5 rows each.

Step 5: Once you have covered your wreath in hearts, using a needle and some baker’s twine, thread different size hearts. Tie a knot at the end, and using a straight pin insert the hanging heart where you’d like it.

Step 6: Take lots of pictures and post them on Intagram (@thealisonshow) Facebook, Twitter or whatver other social media outlet floats your boat. Make sure you tag me so I can see it!

Well! That wraps it up for our Share the Love series!

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Thank you SOOO much to everyone who participated! I felt so loved and I hope you all did as well!



  1. Sophie 6 years ago

    So cute!! I'm definitely making this next year; I have about 36 felt hearts left to cut out for my daughter's valentines she's making for her class and I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of cutting hearts by the time I finish those:) Thanks for sharing the DIY!

  2. mandy dominici 6 years ago

    Love it! I am totally digging your colors too.

  3. mer 6 years ago

    cute Allison!

  4. shalma polo 6 years ago

    very cute alison from Colombia greetings and thank you for your creativity.

  5. Courtney 3 years ago

    Hi Alison,
    I love the heart wreath. How long did it take you to make? Do you put the ribbon on the wreath form so the hearts adhere better?
    I am thinking about having our Brownie troop make them. I will need to think of another type of glue or get them to wear gloves. They are 8 and the glue gun could be dangerous.
    Thanks so much!

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 3 years ago

      Hey! So it was fabric, but yes it makes the hearts adhere better and in case there are any holes! Hot glue is really the best option because nothing else will dry fast enough to keep you moving, your other option could be straight pins, and you’d pin the hearts and cover the pins with the next heart, i’d still probably glue the fabric on first, and also one or two hearts at the end so you don’t see any pins on those! good luck!

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