Finger knitting-It’s Going to be HUGE

Finger knitting-It’s Going to be HUGE
December 8, 2011 Alison Faulkner

fingerknit garland - 1

A few weeks ago one of the sweetest (and cutest) bloggers on the block, Lauren from The Little Things We Do shared some pictures of her adorable baby shower. Her friends used finger-knit garlands as decorations and I immediately became obsessed. I had to know how to do it…and so the research began. I tried many different methods, types of yarn, watched lots of tutorial videos, and then arrived at the method I liked best. My crazy obsession with this absurdly easy craft is now going to benefit you. Or at least I hope so.

Above I’m wearing the garland as a scarf. It makes a fabulous child’s scarf. And here are some pictures to inspire and entice. To make this garland I drilled holes (I know, I’m insane) in the deer and used fishing wire to tie them on. The trees I just tied right on.

fingerknit garland - 3
fingerknit garland - 4
fingerknit garland - 6 fingerknit garland - 2

It’s really easiest to learn if you watch a video…so here you go. A video of me.

And here are a few shots of a garland (well 3) I made for my tree!

fingerknit garland - 9 fingerknit garland - 7
fingerknit garland - 8

Finger knitting! It’s going to be HUGE!

Try it, I double dog dare you.




  1. Megan 6 years ago

    Very cool. And I'm in love with your tree.

  2. Jenna 6 years ago

    I can DO this.

  3. Alycia (Crowley Party) 6 years ago

    SERIOUSLY?! I am so going to DO this! haha Thanks for sharing!

  4. Whitney Jay 6 years ago

    The video really sold me on this. for real. I love a DIY video.

  5. devorelebeaumonstre. 6 years ago
  6. mandy dominici 6 years ago

    You are so good at making simple things look awesome! As a recovering knitting/yarn snob I am in awe!!!

  7. robin 6 years ago

    i used to finger knit ALL THE TIME! i learned it in girl scouts and i remember being obsessed with it for quite a while. thanks for the reminder!

  8. Whitney 6 years ago

    I finally watched this video and I'm going to do it. I'm going to get me some yarn and finger knit.

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