Metallic Piggy Bank DIY

Metallic Piggy Bank DIY
October 19, 2011 Alison Faulkner

I was slumming it (read LOVING it) at The Dollar Tree the other day when I ran into these little guys:
untitled album 3 - 1

Hello boys! They are tiny ceramic piggy banks. One is a lion and I’m pretty sure that other one is a zebra, but I’m gonna pretend he’s a pony. I have a pretty strict policy of not buying random stuff. I like to only buy things I have a specific and immediate use for…so I passed them by even though I was in love.

But LUCKILY I thought of two reasons to head back the very next day:

Reason #1: That zebra/pony was in desparate need of metallic pants.
Reason #2: I remembered some gifts that were overdue.

I had this metallic enamel paint on hand, and I kind of like what happened:

untitled album 3 - 2
untitled album 3 - 3
untitled album 3 - 4

So I’m calling this a Quickie DIY because it hardly constitutes as a project! However, they sell plain white ceramic dudes like this at all the big box craft stores, and I’m sure you could paint some pants on friends you find at the thrift store.

Here are my buddies all gussied up:

Kissing buddies

Front back

Animals Animals2

I think they make a pretty cute little gift! But maybe I’ve been blinded by all the flash on that zebra’s pants…what do you think?



  1. Collins @ Life. Mostly Sweet. 6 years ago

    oh my, they are precious!

  2. Michelle 6 years ago

    Guess I slum it a lot…

  3. Alison 6 years ago

    As do I Michelle, as do I.

  4. Heather 6 years ago

    DARLING!! I'm totally going to do this! Cole is in desperate need to a piggy bank, especially now that he's saving his $$$ for that baseball hat (that I already bought that he doesn't know about ). Thanks! Pinning right now….

  5. meg 6 years ago

    You continue to be the coolest, craftiest little lady I know.

  6. courtni 6 years ago

    LOVE that lion.

  7. Erin Dougal 6 years ago

    How funny! I was slumming at the Dollar Store today and spent an unreasonable amount….. anyways, I saw those little guys. Haha. This post made me feel not so bad for buying my stuff

  8. Nichelle 6 years ago

    you had me at dollar tree! remember how the one in philly, right next to wyncote towers, was carpeted and the carpet was nasty so the whole store smelled like a wet dog? i didn't love that dollar tree. this is my kind of craft, seriously. 5 minutes and a 2 dollar purchase, i love these cute little guys!

  9. PerniPwr 6 years ago

    why are you so creative? and why do i hate doing crafts? it seems to make you so happy. i want to be happy. i love you & miss you. let's try again for a quick phone date this weekend!

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