She presents The Tiny "T" Tutorial

She presents The Tiny "T" Tutorial
May 12, 2011 Alison Faulkner


Maybe your baby or child needs some new shirts for Spring? Mine did.


So good news! I’m going to teach you how to take this (an unflattering but cute shirt)


And turn it into this:


I have a really EASY tutorial and free pattern for a raglan sleeve t-shirt that can literally make dozens of different designs…all from old clothing and fabric you have crowding your closets. That basically means this pattern will enable you to be thrifty, crafty, environmentally conscious and awesome. Here are all shirts I made using the same 2-piece pattern! This can also be used to make boy’s clothes. Envision a baseball tee.






That multi-color one was an old skirt I used to use when I attended a lot of 80’s parties. Or any parties at all for that matter.

I made most of these in one night! You can get a whole shirt done in under an hour. Even if you can hardly sew and don’t have a serger! I SWEAR.

Here they are in action.



And my favorite:


That Lucky Feather Pillow and the pattern for it will soon be for sale in my shop! But first, check out the metallic thread action on that belly…


I can’t wait to see what you do with this pattern! I will be posting your creations on my blog! So please upload your designs to my flickr group! (of which I am currently the ONLY member…)

Happy crafting!




  1. the fowlers 7 years ago

    i love that she has no shirts until you make some for her.
    good thing she has a crafty and cute mommy!

  2. Shannon 7 years ago

    You are the most talented person alive. Can I just pay you to make some for our baby girl??

  3. bambam 7 years ago

    Thank you, ma'am! How do you find time to make 3 zillion perfect little baby tees? And where to you find your fabrics? I'm drop dead curious…
    PS-Amber Troutman here (you may or may not remember me). Sorry for crashing your blog, but you are renown for your craftiness and I had to see for myself.

  4. noelle regina 7 years ago

    those these gigi sized items are adorable, the thought of taking scissors to YOUR wardrobe hurts my heart.

    happy sewing.

  5. BP and J 7 years ago

    i clicked on the pattern link and it didn't work. Did anyone else have this problem?

  6. Luz e. {Wee Waldorf} 7 years ago

    Need to try this.

  7. lisset 7 years ago

    I happen to remember that skirt from a night long ago in a land called long beach on a new year's evening. It had a good life. I am glad it has been reincarnated.I will make a million of these shirts gauranteeeeeeed.

  8. Alison 7 years ago


    PUH LEASE, like I don't remember you! How could I forget anyone so cute? They are old t-shirts baby! crash this party any time!

  9. Cirque Du Bebe 7 years ago

    Oooo wow! Your stuff is really exciting and you are obviously totally crafty! I'm looking forward to trying out this raglan tee and checking your blog out properly… xx

  10. Connie Lyons 2 years ago

    I’m trying to find the pattern for the cute shirts for baby. The link doesn’t take me anywhere 🙁 help please!

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 2 years ago

      hey! I’m not sure what’s up, I’m looking into it! xo

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