Gigi’s Camo Romper

Gigi’s Camo Romper
April 20, 2011 Alison Faulkner



I’ll start by saying I accidentally ordered extra fabric when I made Ginger’s bedding. This presented a problem. I didn’t want everything in her bedroom to be too matchy matchy, so the fairly expensive fabric was just sitting there, waiting to be used.

Then I was walking through Wal-Mart one day (I know I should be ashamed but I’m a poor mom, so, I’m not) and I saw this pattern. It was only $3! And I thought, “My baby needs herself a romper!” So I grabbed the pattern and I decided I would make her a little romp-fest in a spunky over-sized floral. Perfect for Spring. Then I remembered that leftover fabric.

But the thing with making clothing with leftover bedding fabric is…you match your bedding. Which is kind of ridiculous. However, I did it anyway AND LOOK HOW CUTE SHE LOOKS!! She was in such a bad mood while I did this photo shoot–tired and grumpy. I didn’t get one smile. But it kind of makes it better, because if she could talk she would totally be saying what you and I know she will both be saying for the rest of her life (see below video…) which is: “Mom, you are so embarrassing.”


Here’s the money shot


And this is what she gave me while I was trying to get a good shot of the buttons on the side of the romper. That’s my sweetheart.


She was a little happier when I put her on the OTHER side of the blanket. Maybe she secretly hates camo?



If only we could all look as good in a romper as Ginger. The pattern was actually SUPER easy and would work for a boy or girl. It also has variations for bloomers and a little dress. If you’re a beginner sewer this would be a good starter project for you. Here’s a link to the pattern!

Ginger at 7 months

Don’t worry, Ginger finally went down for a nap shortly after this. I want to make one in chambray next with wooden buttons. I cannot get enough chambray right now. I’ll keep you posted.




  1. meg 7 years ago

    Okay. This just in. She looks EXACTLY like you. Have I mentioned that I am jealous of your skills?

  2. lisset 7 years ago

    Have you seen garden state? Because you totally channeled the scene where his shirt matches the walls. If that isn't awesome I don't know what is.

  3. hanner 7 years ago

    will you be my sewing mentor when i have babies? i might as well ask you now.

  4. Corca 7 years ago

    Your babes is adorable! so fashionable. And I love that you and her have matchy shoes!

  5. PerniPwr 7 years ago

    i'm obsessed!

  6. PerniPwr 7 years ago

    i'm obsessed!

  7. andrea 7 years ago

    joooooooooo wants one.

  8. Luz e. {Wee Waldorf} 7 years ago

    too cute! love the mocs too.

  9. dana and justin 7 years ago

    ummmm adorable!

  10. Jessica Dahlquist 7 years ago

    Love, love, love!

  11. Anna M 7 years ago

    oh my. I just found you and think you are stinkin' adorable. Never met you, but I laughed OUT LOUD (as did my 17mo) at your Chattanooga Choo-choo dance. I am so glad that there are others out there (although your dancing abilities are far superior to my own).

    Are you doing the Beehive Bazaar?

  12. Holley @ Lunges and Lashes 7 years ago

    mad or happy, she is just as cute. haha, she totally hates camo! i can see it in her eyes.

  13. Julie and Kyle 7 years ago

    i was JUST about to make the same Garden State comment. 2 Thumbs up!

  14. darcie 7 years ago

    i didn't know rompers could be so cute! it's a little sad how kids fashion has become miniature more colorful versions of adult fashions now but i wish some kiddie stuff were still big. like overalls!

  15. Keely 6 years ago

    She is sooooo CUTE!
    Looks like her Mom!

  16. Kathryn 4 years ago

    I just found this, and I adore it… Unfortunately I can’t find the pattern… Anyway I can get it?

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