She’s here.

Introducing Ginger Jane Robertson.
Born Friday, September 17 at 3:06pm, 7lbs 4 oz

Though we had a bit of a rough patch with some jaundice and weight loss (not mine unfortunately :) and having to go back to the hospital, we are home now, loving our little lady bug. She is perfect, perfect perfect. I made her that dress from an old shirt of mine, thinking it would be too small to ever fit her. Don’t worry, I added some fall appropriate warmth for our big outing to the doctors.

We love you all. Thanks for all your love and support!


Alison, Eric, and Ginger


  1. lisset:

    hooray! she is a beauty and i love her name- classy and saucy all rolled in to one, much like her mama. hope recovery goes well, as well as getting a grip on feeding because man, that can be a doozy sometimes. love to your little growing family!!

  2. Matt and Jennae Porter:

    Oh wow, what a beauty. A HUGE congrats from the Porter fam. Being a momma is the best, Alison, and you are going to be such a great one! Welcome to this wonderful, sleep-deprived, blessed stage of life! Oh and ditto what the previous comment says… hang in there with the feeding… for me (and many) the first weeks of breastfeeding put labor pains to shame. It does get better!

  3. Emily Frame:

    congrats alison! my heart breaks seeing her little jaundice face, nothing is worse. hayes was on the beds for 1.5 weeks.

    you already look great!

  4. julianne rose:

    ohmygoodness yay! and my sister in law is named ginger. so rad!

  5. Erin Dougal:

    She is a doll Alison! I've been aching for pictures! Let me know if you need anything- we are just around the corner.

  6. Trent & Brooke:

    ali she is so beautiful! oh my goodness! so exciting! congratulations to a new perfect family!

  7. micemilk:

    congrats!!! she's so squishy and delicious!
    hope you are recovering well :)

  8. Adrienne:

    wow, she looks a lot like you.

    but more importantly, will she dance like you? time will tell. . .

  9. noelle regina:

    i've been wanting to call you from London – but I just don't know when is a good time.

    So glad everything went well. SHE IS ADORABLE.

    congrats ali babe.

  10. Wendy:

    I think she looks just like you! :) She is beautiful and I'm glad she is here safe. YOU are amazing! Camie (and the rest of us)can't wait to meet Ginger. Frankly, she is the most popular subject in our household!

  11. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella:

    Congrats momma, I can't get over how much she looks like you! Have fun with your little bundle. It's hard to believe but they get cuter and cuter every single day! Lots of love to you all!

  12. Jessica Dahlquist:

    Two gorgeous girls. Wish I could be there to squeeze her!

  13. Bri:

    Congrats on your cute little girl! Our babies share the same middle name. Enjoy the first few weeks!

    Bri, Adam and Rilo Jane Webb

  14. The Collins:

    She is absolutely gorgeous! I can totally see some of you in her. Her name is darling too! I am so happy for you. You look so content and happy to have your little girl in your arms!

  15. Amanda:

    The jaundice suits her well… she looks like she's got a tan! But seriously, congratulations. She is adorable and I have been waiting a week for this post so I could see more pictures of her!

    Hope the jaundice clears up soon and you can just enjoy having a newborn. I'm sure you're already into the swing of things. Can't wait to meet little Ginger one day in person.

  16. Breanne King:

    awww she is SO PRECIOUS! congrats! when things calm down we have got to come see her!

  17. Kim Baise:

    Awwww Enjoy this special time with sweet little Ginger! They grow so fast… (my little Sid is already a year and walking and into everythinnng) I'm sure you must just stare at her all day and all night checking to see if she's real and breathing and who does she look like?
    BTW I <3 that bow!!! She's Adorable! Yayyy!!!

  18. Karen:

    Congratulations Alison and I am so glad all is well.

    Karen Rose

  19. The Greens:

    she is so stinkin cute! Congrats guys! we cant wait to meet her :)

  20. alyson:

    what a doll! Congrats mamasita. You are an official grown up

  21. Kimberly Ngarupe:

    i love her. and you. congratulations to you and eric.

  22. tove:

    Congratulations! She looks lovely!

  23. Dari:

    She is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  24. jenny:

    Congrats Alli!! She looks like such a little doll!

  25. dana and justin:

    i thought i saw eric in her from the text but now i think she looks just like you!! what a sweetie. i remember sebastian's jaundice tan;) she is going to be the MOST stylish baby ever! what a little sweetie, i can't wait to meet her!

  26. cropstar:

    Ah congrats! She's a beauty!

  27. Crystal:

    ahhh! Oh my gosh Alison, she's perfect! She has your eyes! Oh I could just die and go to heaven. I'm so excited for you two. 7 lbs 4 oz!? Holy smokes, it's a good thing they took her 4 weeks early. Can you imagine how big she would have been in 4 more weeks! I love her beautiful name. I love her beautiful dress. and I love her beautiful mama. Congratulations! Good luck with the next few weeks.

  28. Mary:

    Oh my goodness oh my goodness! Let us know when we can come see her…. or when YOU are ready for visitors! Congratulations again yay!

  29. Courtney H.:

    Congrats! She is so cute! I love the dress…I don't think I realized the extent of your never cease to amaze. :)

  30. Julie:

    what a cutie, congrats! love her name too.

  31. mandy dominici:

    I have been checking your blog every few hours since you had her. She looks so much like you. Ari pointed at her picture and said "meeeooow." Congratulations, she is beautiful! And we love her!

  32. POJO Fitness:

    she is GORGEOUS! and her dress is so cute and i'm really loving your platinum hair!

  33. Staci:

    EEEK! I love her!! She literally is the perfect combination of both you and Eric. Congratulations! She's so so precious.

  34. hanner:

    she is a tiny you! adorable.

  35. Samantha:

    Congratulations!!!! You two are beautiful! (And give yourself a year before you REALLY start worrying about losing the weight.)

  36. Liz:

    Such a rockin' name. I love it. And then you went ahead and sewed up a super hip dress. Stop being so hip!

    Congratulations to you and Eric. I bet you guys are so so happy. Can't wait to meet the little gal some day.

    And I can't wait to hear all of your experiences and insights on mommyhood.

  37. Holley:

    she is sooo cute! congrats, i also, LOVE the name. :)

  38. Jendar:

    she is beautiful!

  39. darcie:

    oh man, i can hear my heart singing. she is so cute. cute enough to eat. which is why you should keep her away from me. i love her hair. and the way her little fists are pulled in. and alison's hair is as lovely as anything. i can't wait to feel her little weight in my arms. happy happy robertsons.

  40. Carpfam:

    She is amazing!!! I hope things are going well for you all! Congratulations and you look fantastic in that picture by the way!!!

  41. Kindsay and Erik:

    Congrats on the new baby! She's beautiful and I've always LOVED that name. Good choice! I hope you're doing well and getting enough sleep :)

  42. JenErik:

    Little girls are the best! She is precious.

  43. Chelsea and Ben:

    yeah congrats allison!!!!

  44. Bek:

    so very sweet!

  45. Julie and Kyle:

    LOVE her! congrats you guys. and way to be on top of those thank you notes! love ya!

    ps- your boobs are huge.

  46. Tiffany:

    she is perfection. you are perfection. you little family is perfection. i am hooked. congratulations times a million.

  47. Julie and Kyle:

    and what?!?! you have a friend named julianne rose?? thats my name!!!! and exact spelling. odd.

  48. Shannon:

    I love her! Those big eyes are adorable. So sweet!!

    And your blonde hair is rockin also. Love it.

  49. Mack Attack:

    She is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  50. Audrey:

    How in the world did you get that tiny little bow to stick in her hair? She is already accessorizing, I love it. Well done, she is beautiful!

  51. We Three Zweigs:

    A tiny bow in orange no less!! Well done Faulkner-Robertsons, well done.

    She's absolutely beautiful.

  52. Jylare Smith:

    She is so beautiful. So happy for you!

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