She has a job, which could get you free crap.

She has a job, which could get you free crap.
January 7, 2010 Alison Faulkner

Did you know I work for BYUtv? I don’t really talk about it. But I do. Anyway, I do a lot of things there, mostly writing related, as that is what I am. A copywriter. But obviously my REAL goal is to have my own TV show. Just wait. I’ll get one.

Anyway, we are rebranding the station, and part of that includes getting people excited about the station. TO DO THAT! We are having a 12 days of Giveaways contest. And we haven’t advertised it that much, so you actually have a good chance of winning. Like today, we are giving away this:

And since not that many people know about it, I thought I’d do my duty as an employee and tell you to go to the website and enter to win. Seriously, all you have to do is like fill in your name. And they give away a new prize for 12 days. The last day is a flat screen TV.

Here’s the link!


I love you all,




  1. We Three Zweigs 8 years ago

    You're such a good little blogger, always on the lookout for your readers. That shows a true heart of gold.

  2. Amanda 8 years ago

    I never win anything. Could you rig it for me to win?!?!

  3. angela hardison 8 years ago

    thank goodness they are rebranding. it was much needed!

  4. diane 8 years ago

    I would watch your show. They need you.

    My daughter loves her values poster. Thanks, you've got talent.

  5. Brandon + Chelsea + Ella 8 years ago

    who doesn't like free stuff? thanks for the tip! ps can't wait for your show!

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