She’s taking everyone down with her!

She’s taking everyone down with her!
November 3, 2009 Alison Faulkner

This is the second time I’ve written this post. The first time I was all apologetic about me posting pictures as myself as Lady Gaga, and how Halloween has passed, blah blah blah. But I’m rewriting this post and I’ve come to an executive decision.


So forget Gaga, here’s Lady Alison….and a whole lot of other really embarassing costumes. Enjoy.

Eric was Coach, yes Craig T. Nelson…I called it a cop out costume. Who knew that Coach and Lady Gaga would ever be seen together?

We had a hopping married people dance party. And truth be told, it really did make me happy to be wearing that much face makeup. I don’t care what they say. I love me some Gaga.

My sister, Andrea, and her husband, Brian. Brian was just getting over the swine, but I think he makes a mighty fine Woody.

Sam and Roxanne (who I have a serious crush on) as Bonny and Clyde. Very authentic.

Klint and Mary NEVER EVER disappoint.

And here we’ve got Bryce and Beth as the Witch and the Wardrobe, unfortunately it was past the Lion’s (their adorable baby Smith) bedtime.

The ever hip Emily and Chase, making a statement and LOOKING cool!

Sacrificing comfort and their lungs, Myron and Maggie never do anything half-a. And I RESPECT that.

Jefferson and Abby, just a couple of dinosaurs trying to make it in the wrong eon.

And vying for “dorkiest while still looking really attractive” are Kimmy and Chris. As Count Dorkula and his lady friend.

Here we’ve got an amazing family costume. Heather as Oxy Clean, Justin as the late Billy Mays, may he RIP, and their baby Atticus as a scrub brush! AMAZING huh!

Mikey and Mandy always look cool!

And for one of my PERSONAL favorites, Eddie and Bree as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

Unfortunately the fog machine got a little out of control! But here we have the newlyweds Adrienne and Jared as…you guessed it…Stephen Hawking and his greatest work “A Brief History of Time.”

Get it! A BRIEF! Like her BRIEFS! I swear, these two are too smart for their own good.

Ok, there were many others. But the pictures were not the best. I love you all, and if I took you down with me, know that I did it out of love.

Who would you have voted as best dressed?




  1. Nichelle 8 years ago

    ok those couples are too cool for their own good! i am so sad we weren't there! such creativity and effort! I vote either Adrienne and Jared because I am not even smart enough to know what "A Brief history in time" is and i wouldn't know about Stephen Hawking if it weren't for south park. I don't know you two, but BRAVO. BUT, I say they tied with Eddie and Bree. The costumes both were 10's but even better was that they didn't assume bree would be princess leia. i love these couples.

  2. Elle and Jared 8 years ago

    Craig T. Nelson, for sure. Absolutely genius and such a creative costume. I mean, a whistle?? Who would've thought?? Seriously, though, sad we couldn't make it. All of our babysitters bailed on us at 8.

  3. DOMINICI 8 years ago

    We had so much fun! Thanks for having us, we love you.

  4. jenny 8 years ago

    the oxyclean was my fave i think. all were pretty amazing though. and of course you worked lady gaga! hilarious.

  5. darcie 8 years ago

    i'm too stunned from the now old but new to me news of billy mays to pick a favorite!

  6. Jill 8 years ago

    You look great as lady gaga. And I'm definitely lovin me some couple costumes.

  7. Bek 8 years ago

    YOU were definitely best dressed. And, all of your friends are incredibly thin and good looking. It's giving me a complex.

  8. jeff 8 years ago

    is there some secret code that i can use so that i may attend these married halloween costume parties? if i never marry will i forever be plagued to spend my october nights with really weird
    (single) dudes and babes?

  9. Holley 8 years ago

    mimes! duh! 🙂

  10. david 8 years ago

    billy mays. best costume. so relevant.

  11. AGO 8 years ago

    I just found out my stylist in NYC does Lady Ga ga's hair. You might be the only one as excited about this as I am.

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