HI! So this is how I chose!

I counted up all the comments, and then I told Eric to pick a number between 1 and 25.

Then he said, um, 14!!

So I counted through the comments and guess who was number 14…


Hi Chelsea! Thanks for being a Sprinkles Supporter!

He loves you very much.

Thank you so much to everyone else for your nice words. If you’re really bummed out, well, you know where you can buy them! haha.

Chelsea will you email me at alisonfaulkner[at] with your address?

Thanks loves!

Now we’re off to Moab!




  1. Heatherly:

    Oh Alison, the title of this post brought me more joy than the episode of the OC I am currently watching.

  2. Chelsea:

    I am so happy! I'll email you!

  3. andrea:

    i thought you were just going to give me some.

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