She’s just saying…

She’s just saying…
October 7, 2009 Alison Faulkner

If you’re interested in the pony cards leave a comment below! If you’re interested in making me feel good about myself leave a comment below! And if you’re interested in skinny girls under 5’7, and a crazy peaked super model making them do ridiculous things…don’t forget to watch Top Model tonight!

I love you all! I’ll be picking a winner, randomly, first thing in the morning!




  1. manda 8 years ago

    i know you live close to me. why the hell do i not ever hear from/see you. love you miss you hugandkiss you

  2. Breanne King 8 years ago

    hey i want some!

  3. Breanne King 8 years ago

    hey i want some

  4. Julianne 8 years ago

    Nope, you have no idea who I am. Found your blog through a friend of a friend who has a friend that knows you…or something like that. Needless to say, I read it once, and sort of haven't stopped. I love your writing. And Sprinkles. All all the yummy food you make. Basically, all the gnomes send you our love. And we want those cards!

  5. Tim 8 years ago

    one time I dreamt that I had a pony card. Is dreamt a word?

  6. Tim 8 years ago

    One time I dreamt that I had a pony card? A guy can dream can't he?

  7. Nichelle 8 years ago

    i'm interested in making you feel good about yourself. you are a good person, i really do miss you.

  8. Patricia 8 years ago

    sprinkles needs me. and i him.

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