She feels better.

She feels better.
October 27, 2009 Alison Faulkner

I got a little down today. No real reason other than I get down from time to time. I got home from work, feeling particularly down, and I saw that Eric was not home. This left me with a couple of options.

I could:

a) be a good wife and do the laundry so I’d have underwear for tomorrow

b) be a sweet wife and get some groceries so we’d have food to eat that doesn’t rhyme with Tel Daco…


c) be a bad wife and grab my Diet Coke accessorized with my Maverik Halloween collector’s curly-q eyeball straw…and go to the mall

I NEVER go to the mall. I know you probably think I’m lying but I’m serious. I never EVER go to the mall these days unless I have to buy a bridal shower gift and need to hit up Vicki’s. I don’t buy new clothes, and I certainly don’t have any sort of idea what’s new and hip for fall let alone winter. No I’m not destitute, and I know I have so much compared to so many, but let’s just say that life after marriage includes a lot, I mean a lot, less shopping.

So what did I do? I chose option c. I got in my car. And I went to the mall. I shopped and I browsed, and then, yes then, I purchased. And you know what.


I bounced out of that mall with a little extra pep in my step and a twinkle in my eye. And it wasn’t temporary. No, tomorrow morning when I get up and get dressed, I will have something ADORABLE to put on. Then I will wear it for the next three days and I will love every damn minute of it. I will, however, not have any clean underwear or food to eat. But I will still be OH SO HAPPY!

I wish buying new clothes, I bought two items, didn’t make me feel so good, but it really did. And the whole reason I’m sharing this is to say, get out there and do something that makes you feel good. I hope you’re not as shallow as me, but if you are, well, welcome to the party!

I love you all. I hope this week totally rocks! What are you being for Halloween!?

I, of course, am being Lady Gaga.




  1. Alexandra 8 years ago

    Can we get together to put together our Gaga costumes? I cannot wait to see what you have in mind. Everyone thinks I'm crazy and has been rolling their eyes, but all is ok because Alison gets me!! Lady Gaga was made for Halloween, among other things!!!

  2. Breanne King 8 years ago

    i am a true believer in buying happiness…

  3. Jake and Jenna 8 years ago

    i don't care who you are, sometimes retail therapy really does brighten things up. good for you ali. we all know that i used to shop a lot. like… a lot. however, like you, my shopping has slowed wayyyyyyyyy down. so every once in a great while, i'll go buy myself a new lipstick or blush. it really does make me feel better. i love you.

  4. Katie 8 years ago

    Buying new stuff makes me feel great to. Not ashamed in the least.

  5. Nichelle 8 years ago

    where's the new outfit pic!? i wanna see it gurl! i can just see you dancin in your zoom zoom all the way home from the mall

  6. Wendy 8 years ago

    I would rather call it retail therapy, which is cheaper that just plain old therapy. I always feel better.

  7. brinley 8 years ago

    next time you feel like this you should come down here!!

  8. Jill 8 years ago

    Ah, diet coke paired with anything else is the key to true happiness.

  9. noelle regina 8 years ago

    one time in 2004 i had a SERIOUS boyfriend (you may or may not recall…) and when we broke up in 2005 the stress was overwhelming. it happened to be the same time that i received my tax return. and that's when the retail therapy addiction began.

  10. naomi 8 years ago

    I'm not really the shoppery type at all either, but once on a bad day I went to a MALL of all places and purchased some new, fancy socks, and it definitely cheered me up. I am with you.

  11. Shannon 8 years ago

    Retail therapy, nothing like it.

    I am so sad we missed you as Lady Gaga! That sounds amazing. So sorry we couldn't make it Saturday… we had committed to another party a couple weeks ago. But I'm sure you're just sad you didn't get to see this 9+ month pregnant lady dancing, lol.

    ps, loved seeing sprinkles on the card! I like to think Mitch and I had a part in helping create sprinkles late that one night.

  12. AaReAn 8 years ago

    there aint no shame in that!!! Good for you!

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