She always knew he was the best-looking Faulkner…

And now he’s bringing a hot smart babe into the family to put us all to shame! Check out my brother Evan and his bride-to-be! They really don’t have blogs…YET…so I figured I’d be the annoying little sister and post their engagement pix without asking permission.

Hurry and check them out before they make me take down the link!

Here they are!

I’m so excited for them!

I love love.




  1. Nichelle:

    I love those! And i love that Megan, she is such a babe!

  2. The Yardley's:

    good looking couple! … i'll never be skinny.

  3. Mark and Meghan:

    i'm so glad you posted about evan! i had no idea! happy for him. and i'm assuming she's good enough for him :) ha. just kidding. let him know i say congratulations!!!!

  4. Kristin:

    Okay SPEAKING of good-looking Faulkners, you were at a Sufjan Stevens show tonight in Indiana. Two rows ahead of me. I could not stop staring at this girl, SHE WAS YOU. I commented on the similarity maybe 12 times to my husband, each time more emphatic and more unsure about if it could actually somehow be Alison Faulkner. Because she had your facial expressions and hand gestures! She looked really fun to talk to! I should have made friends with her, probably, but it made me feel like I had a friend in Bloomington just seeing your face there.

  5. manda:

    really such a babe couple. so attractive together! (and apart i am sure)

  6. Trent & Brooke:

    yay! they are so cute. so exciting! megan is great:)

  7. darcie:

    does she want to give me that dress? man, your parents must be exhausted from weddings.

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