April 6, 2009 Alison Faulkner

This is my last Monday in my little cubicle. My last Monday posting on my blog when I should be working. My last Monday NOT winning our staff “Lover of the Week” award, and my last Monday milling around in the kitchen eating what’s left of our Monday morning treats. And I couldn’t be less sad about it! HEY-HO! Friday is my last day…but it’s also the day I get Pony. So whenever people in the office say, “Oh! Friday is your last day!” I say, “Yes, but it’s also the day I’m getting a puppy!” And then they look at me like the two are unrelated.

But perhaps I like to overshadow life changes with new purchases. Like the time my dog died when I was in high school. I showed up to school, found my girlfriends in the quad and said:

“You guys…Sandy died.”

And all of my friends who loved our sweet golden retriever started, “awwwwing” and “how sad!” ing. And then I followed it up with…

“But I got a new car!”

Again, they just stared at me like I was heartless. But really, if I focused on all the life changes I would probably freak out. Plus I really did get a new car (the same car that’s driving to Philly) on the same day our dog died. Yes, we got the car first ok.

So! Instead of getting all nostalgic and sad, and thinking about all of the friends I’m going to miss, I’m going to focus on the puppy and dream about training him to do this:

I may or may not get any work done. But I sure as hell love you!




  1. Tim and Sara 9 years ago

    Too bad you still have to (get to) work for those guys or my advice would be: work as little as you can. 🙂

  2. Jake and Jenna 9 years ago

    this video is hilarious and made me LOVE sheep herders. did you get my present yet?

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