She’s awesome at tooting her own horn.

I am a professional writer. I figure if I declare it enough people will believe me. I get paid to write, I get paid to say things in an interesting way. Why? I don’t know. Is it because others are incapable of communicating their words in an interesting way? I don’t necessarily think so. I think a lot of people are good writers. Like art, writing is one of those things people get more and more insecure about with age. And while I got insecure about a lot of things, my whole life, first by my mother and then by my teachers, I was told I was a good writer. And then POOF! I became a writer. Imagine if people had unconditionally told me I was a fantastic acrobat?

Anyway. Though I have a lot of areas I need to improve in. I am particularly good at writing a few things:

1. Paige Davis R.C. Willey lines (a coveted skill I know)

2. Cover letters for job applications/college admissions

I’m going to toot my own horn here, but when I was applying for dozens of jobs after college, I became aware of my awesome ability to write cover letters.

Recently I helped edit a law school admissions essay, and, well, it was awesome. All the big wig law schools told the applicant how much they LOVED his essay!! And he’s getting in like, everywhere. Now he had really good LSAT scores, but that essay couldn’t have hurt! (Thanks Pete!)

So the point of all this is, if you need to get into law school OR get a job or something like that. Send me an email. I’m feeling pretty damn confident in my skills right now. And soon I will have an abundance of time on my hand, and a need for small treats, favors, exorbitant gifts and large or small checks. Plus I just love to spread the love.




  1. Julia:

    Um, yeah, we should talk about this….what kind of treats do you prefer?

  2. Katie:

    Oh, if you’d only asked last week! I had to write a cover letter and it was kicking my trash. It’s a good thing I had a friend handing it to the hiring manager or I’m sure it would have been laugh right off the desk!

  3. JenErik:

    If Erik stops getting in every where he applies – I’ll call you :)
    Aren’t our Erik(c)’s amazing?

  4. Samantha:

    Maybe when William starts applying for PhD programs I’ll send him your way!

  5. Nichelle Jensen:

    Why are you leaving your job? Where are you going? Travel plans? Boy, am I out of the loop.

  6. Shannon:

    I do not doubt it, Mrs. Hallmark! You are absolutely amazing. Your writing skills are unrivaled.

  7. Sarah:

    alison- I just met pete and jessica this weekend and they are really cool. I’m glad you helped him out because it looks like they might be coming to michigan now!

  8. Hannah:

    Does this offer to extend to complete strangers [who are fans of your blog and have complete faith in your writing abilities]?

  9. Alison:

    Indeed! you can email through my profile on blogger!

    I’m so glad you guys met up! You are so sweet! I’m jealous if you get them in Michigan!

  10. mshayes:

    might take you up on your offer in a few months in exchange for $$$. how are you at mba crap?

  11. andrea:

    it’s true- she’s good.

  12. Rachel Z:

    Oh my maybe I should contract your services to write a cover letter for The Flower Basket!! I want the position so badly that I’m crippled with anxiety!

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