She warns!

She warns!
January 6, 2009 Alison Faulkner

I watched a woman very slowly hit Eric’s parked car today while I was crossing the street to my car! She couldn’t stop in the snow, so she just had to hit his car. It was sad. Kind of funny, but sad. So be careful in the snow. And if you aren’t in the snow, well then, aren’t you lucky?

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  1. Cindy 9 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I might have seen that! Is Eric’s car a red truck?

  2. Alison 9 years ago


  3. Shannon 9 years ago

    Wait, who was it??! I swear we saw this all the time last winter. Beware of the blue Mazda 3 also; that guy ALWAYS gets stuck. Mitch pushed him out like 7 times last year.

  4. JO 9 years ago

    Share the snow with the midwest, will ya already? We seem to get more ice than snow.

  5. tracyjax 9 years ago

    yes I saw the snippet and ink! fun! thanks for the tip on the comments…totally left a comment so they could find me!

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