How To: Trip Out Or How To: Make Your Own Magic Eye

How To: Trip Out Or How To: Make Your Own Magic Eye
January 24, 2008 Alison Faulkner

Yeah, magic eye. Like the ones from the 90’s. How sweet were those? Totally amazing.

I was staring blankly today at my two screens and cubicle walls, and I was reminded of the blank gaze, slight headache, and relaxed eyes you need in order to see an image among the squiggles. I remember standing in my brother Evan’s bedroom staring at his giant wall poster of a Magic Eye for hours. I remember the first time I could actually see the picture! It was a sunken pirate ship. It was so beautiful.

So…after a little internet research…I have found a way for you to make your very own Magic Eye…for FREE! (sorry I work in advertising agency) It’s ghetto at best, but beggars can’t be choosers! Also I think magic eye is for sure trade marked, so I’m gonna call it, “Now I See it!” So here you go…

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN: “Now I see it!”

1. go to this site!

2. find the 3D sterogram button on the right hand side

3. follow directions!

I know! It’s so simple!

I love you all very much.


  1. becca 10 years ago


  2. Fish Nat!on 10 years ago

    ha, this cracks me up. I actually just watched the Seinfeld episode from season six last night where Kramer buys the magic eye poster and elayne’s boss Mr. Pitts cant stop staring at it and ruins his life.

  3. Scott and Kristine 10 years ago

    Can I just say I miss seeing you around? Often times hearing you too? Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans and thanks for making me laugh!

  4. Alicia 10 years ago

    Sweet, you have a blog! So do we…
    Check it out!
    Love your cousins,
    Scott and Alicia 🙂

  5. Heather 10 years ago

    A-Mazing!!!! Thanks! I love these things!!!

  6. The Taylors 10 years ago

    Helllo lovely lady! This is Ani, Andrea’s former roommate. Love SheBlogs SheBlogs! And, I love the “Now You See It” ERIC. Too good. I wasn’t sure if I would remember how to do it, but it was just like riding a bike. I am so excited that you are getting married! Good luck with the plans!

  7. Courtney 10 years ago

    i am leaving you my address! 🙂

    606 W 1720 N #216
    Provo, UT 84604

  8. Lezlie Wagner 10 years ago

    what is that, a ladder ot a mountain range or something?? I need help!

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