How To: Make the Most Of Your Office Supplies

How To: Make the Most Of Your Office Supplies
January 31, 2008 Alison Faulkner

Or! How to beautify your cubicle with no more than what the supply room has to offer!

I’ve made myself a little friend out of your two standard sizes of paper clips! Finally, someone to laugh at my jokes!

A breakfast treat identified: blue post-it note, tape and sharpie.

A menagerie of woodland animals made from leftover muffin boxes and my favorite Pilot Precise V5 pen. (Extra Fine)

Not only a fun way to give your stapler a voice, this leftover scrap of paper secured with tape also serves as warning to the type of coworker who would dare to steal your stuff!

And most importantly, post-its can also be used to express your true feelings. This will really give you a sense of self in your cube.

I hope this has inspired you to beautify your space! Please feel free to share your suggestions or comments.

Well I guess I’m…back to work? Ha!


  1. Nate Housley 10 years ago

    Suggestion: get a job

  2. Alison 10 years ago

    naaaaate. I have a job!

  3. Megan 10 years ago

    Helloooo, Alison. Perhaps you should come visit my cube and help me fashion some recycled woodland creatures for my booth. Hoops & Yoyo need more friends.

  4. AOBrien 10 years ago

    I miss you and trent too…. I have thoughts of coming to Utah. What’s you idea on it all?

  5. Jake and Jenna Vela 10 years ago

    i love your creative, beautiful mind.

  6. Steve and Amanda 10 years ago

    Congrats on the engagment. I hear you are working for the same company as my friend Anne (atleast that is what I thought I heard). How do you like marketing? You can find my blog on Matt and Jennae’s

  7. Lezlie Wagner 10 years ago

    oh man you make me feel feall boring… I have not a picture, not a post it note, or animal in my cube. well… I always know you were more creative anyway.

  8. Lezlie Wagner 10 years ago

    please ignore my typos and bad grammer.. i’m also not a very good typer.

  9. kimmy girl 10 years ago

    you might be able to make a profession of this. revamping offices with what they have in the storage room. i think we are onto something here…

  10. adrienne 10 years ago

    oh hey.

    so i actually am going to be visiting mr. cardon the weekend of the 11th. if you want to see how dancy he gets at these things, let me know when and where (and what you’ve registered for), and i will look forward to seeing you as a beautiful bride.

    the menagerie is my favorite.

  11. hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic 10 years ago

    your wooland creatures are freaking the bomb. i’d buy them! i love your creativity. marry me!

  12. Heather 10 years ago

    LOVE IT! HAHAHAH! Thanks for all the great tips!

  13. Alison 10 years ago

    thank you all for your support! you inspire me. yes, yes you.

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