How To: Blog

How To: Blog
January 4, 2008 Alison Faulkner

I am going to start a series of “How To’s” because my blog is getting boring. Does that mean I’m getting boring? PROBABLY.

Anyway stay tuned.


  1. provo public 10 years ago

    we are ready.

  2. dan 10 years ago

    Hey, I just found out you work at “Love”. Do you love it? Ha Ha. I have a good friend who works there too. His name is Trent. Do you know him? Small world. We should catch up someday. Look forward to your postings on “how to”.

  3. Matt and Jennae Porter 10 years ago

    Ali! I totally tracked you down. Heard from my mom that you are engaged! (She is planning a rockin’ bridal shower for you, by the way). Anyways, congrats… I’m very excited for you. Look forward to catching up soon and let’s see some more pics of that cute fiance of yours!

    Jennae (Tengberg) Porter

  4. tara 10 years ago

    you’re not getting boring, you just don’t care about getting boys anymore.

  5. manda 10 years ago

    it’s true, once you stopped worrying about boys, you blogged less. i miss your loves.

  6. Alison 10 years ago

    OR, once i got a full time job, moved to a new city, got engaged and started to plan a wedding…i blogged less.

  7. Alison 10 years ago

    how you like them apples!

  8. manda 10 years ago

    whatever. let’s see a how to!

  9. Fish Nat!on 10 years ago

    so good to see you tonight at my hell/work. connect us

  10. kimmy girl 10 years ago

    here is the thing. i started a blog today. so you better stay true to your word. i need help. all of it i can get.

  11. steph 10 years ago

    it’s stevie. will you send me your address? i want to send you my wedding announcement! Also, saw on your blog you’re engaged!!! Congrats!

  12. The Collins 10 years ago

    Ali, hey girl I haven’t talked to you in so long. But just wanted to tell you that I am so excited for you that you are getting married! And I think the bird broaches are amazing! love them. You are going to be a beautiful bride. Hope all is well! Good Luck!!

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